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Leader Acceleration Program

LeAP is the Teleperformance Portugal management trainee program that will literally catapult you into the world of management. First we´ll send you for a 1-month internship to another Teleperformance office outside Europe. After this, you will receive five months of intensive preparation. At the end of the program, you will be able to manage operations and multicultural teams of any dimension.

LeAP was created with the goal to identify highly talented people with big potential across Portuguese universities.  Teleperformance Portugal provides the necessary conditions to enable them to develop their management and leadership skills.
With 6 months duration, the program is divided into three parts. The LeAPers start their journey in Teleperformance Portugal as Business Analysts in order to develop their business analysis skills.
The second part is a 1-month internship in a Teleperformance office outside Europe. This allows the participants to learn new, different methods and exchange experience and knowledge with colleagues across the borders.
The final phase of the program is the participation in the JUMP training which allows, together with other colleagues selected for this training, to develop their knowledge and leadership skills. This training enables the participants to assume First Line Manager functions and manage multicultural teams.

Do you have what we are looking for?


  • Bachelor or Master of Engineering
  • Fluency in English: at Teleperformance Portugal, you will work with people coming from 64 different nations, speaking 28 different languages. So the command of English is essential.
  • Ability to travel: get ready to travel. You will participate in a 1-month internship in Teleperformance outside Europe. This program is full-time.
  • Analytical skills: you will be responsible for management functions with high responsibility, which means that your analytical skills are crucial for business success.
  • Motivation: being curious, having a big will to learn and the ability to make responsible decisions, are essential requirements. You'll participate in large, international projects. At the end of the program, you will manage people and operations and make high-impact decisions in our organization.


Business Analyst Internship: the LeAPers are being integrated into a project in which they assume the functions of a Business Analyst. This is to enable the first direct contact with the management of a contact center operation, allowing them to gain an analytical perspective of our business.
International Internship: the internship lasts 4 weeks. During the 1st edition of LeAP, it was held Mexico and India.
Reintegration training: after the time spent in an external Teleperformance reality the LeAPers will participate in a specific training which will help them to relate the new learned concepts with our reality.
Final phase: in this time, the LeAPers will get prepared to perform high-value functions with a strong management component. They will be prepared to manage people and operations and make high-impact decisions.


  1. Online Application: all applications must be submitted through our website (please upload your CV and cover letter).
  2. Screening: all applications will be analyzed taking into account all given requirements.
  3. Group Dynamics: the selected candidates will be invited to participate in a group exercise session.
  4. Interviews: the selected candidates will be invited to interviews in order to evaluate if the candidates profile fits the program.
  5. Analytical tests: the selected candidates will be invited to make an online analytical evaluation. With the focus on the assessment of logical thinking and numerical reasoning.
  6. Final interviews: the best candidates will be invited to interviews with the company executives and those who are responsible for the LeAP program.
  7. Proposal of work: successful applicants will receive an offer to join the LeAP program.

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