A job at Teleperformance can be the new beginning you are looking for after the social and technological changes of 2020, and a safe bet to integrate yourself in a job market that will be in constant transformation in 2021.


In some way, everyone’s career has been impacted since the pandemic arrived at the world, technology has evolved and the disruptions created in the job market have been significant. As a company in the services area, any job at Teleperformance was no exception to this change.

Remuneration or other monetary benefits still aren’t the only way to influence the preferences of employees, that increasingly seek flexibility, a good work environment and a balance between professional and personal life.

When we look to the future, we are sure to see some new trends and dramatic changes that will affect your career and any job search you may undertake. And since we are at the beginning of a new year, why not take the opportunity to start over?

We bet on some changes that will be part of the new work paradigm in 2021:

job at Teleperformance

Remote work is here to stay

We had to adapt to an unexpected situation, but we ended up realizing all the advantages of remote work. At Teleperformance, we foresaw this trend and created collaborative tools and platforms so that even at a distance our employees could work 100% as a team from the comfort of their homesthus the Teleperformance Cloud Campus was born. This technological solution allows our company to adopt remote work in the long term, combining evolution and career development with a correct balance between personal and professional life, while reducing our carbon footprint.

Changing trends

Despite technological developments, the pandemic has also brought difficulties for many economic sectors, so if you have to choose to change, choose a sector or profession with a future and that, due to the social changes caused by the pandemic, is here to stay. A job at Teleperformance can be the safest bet. We can highlight digital marketing or e-commerce as trend areas for 2021, for example, since people started to spend much more of their free time online, particularly on social media. Add new skills to your curriculum, try to obtain a most sought-after skills certificate, learn a new skill, take a postgraduate course or finis a university course may be good options but you can also choose a work solution that offers you certified training.
In this digital area, choose training preferably given by brands that stand out in the market, as is the case with Google products.


Although some companies have only just started the debate on diversity and inclusion, millennials, the predominant generation in the market, have been increasingly valued ​​the ethical and political positioning of their favourite brands and companies. In an increasingly globalized society, a company’s ability to foster employees with several backgrounds and with different mindsets is extremely important. The diversity of languages ​​is also a positive point valued by companies. If, in your case, you speak German and would like to embark on digital marketing, find out more about the profile intended by Teleperformance.
Or if you have more aptitude for Dutch, check out the various vacancies we have open like this one.
In a divided world, one of the roles that should be played by the companies is the reconciliation of divergent thoughts, translating them into improvements for society and the market. Teleperformance fosters inclusion and diversity in its workforce so that multiculturalism is a factor that distinguishes us and allows us to discuss problems and innovate in solutions for clients.

If you want to change and want to start the new year in line with the new trends of the labour market, do not focus on the pessimism of the moment. Look for a future job in a company that knows how to deal with adversity, that focuses on employee wellbeing and technological innovation guaranteeing sustainable growth regardless of the present situation in which the world finds itself. After all, crises like the one we are experiencing may become more and more common.

Invest in yourself and in your training and choose a job at Teleperformance!

Don’t know where to start? Check our website and find the vacancy that best suits you.

Make 2021 the year to build a promising pandemic-proof career!

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