Cloud Campus concept was carefully thought and designed by Teleperformance Portugal and is already changing the lives of those who work with it!

The Cloud Campus concept is based on an innovative approach to the work at home model. Teleperformance Portugal wanted to access top talent wherever it lives, but always ensuring that all employees stay connected and work as a team, no matter the geography they live in. How? The company has built Cloud Campus… in the cloud, combining the most recent technological evolutions (5G internet, increased quality of videoconferencing solutions, collaborative platforms, the massification of laptops, etc.) with the best talent in the world!

If you have never heard about Cloud Campus, you are probably missing out on one of the greatest professional experiences you could have.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Teleperformance Portugal noticed that the working culture was changing. More and more the new generations were looking for jobs that valued their schedules’ flexibility and wanted to ensure freedom of choice of the place to reside. This was the foundation to start the design, still in 2019, of this Cloud Campus concept. One of the most important elements of this new business model is the Kernel, the central hub where that keeps employees connected and engaged while providing support tools, coaching, and career advancement opportunities. This central hub, physically located in one of Teleperformance Portugal’s sites, was carefully thought to support an entire digital journey to all the employees and provide the day to day support from the supervisors to their international team.

From the innovative furniture carefully designed to serve the Cloud Campus concept, to the panoramic screens that each supervisor uses, all the material used in the kernel was built from the ground up to provide the best work experience to the Cloud Campus team.

From the kernel it is possible to execute remote interviews with the recruitment and technical teams to check all employees’ devices and internet speed. It is also possible to provide the best remote training program about the service, working tools and to develop all the agent’s soft skills needed for the job. The Support Departments (Training& Quality, IT Support, Workforce Management, and Admin Support) are a vital part of the TP Cloud Campus and are located in the Kernel. They also engage in daily huddles and agile White Board Improvement Meetings with operations that foster improvement and innovation.

All of this is happening from the kernel to the world.

Curious about this new Cloud Campus concept? You can know more in the Cloud Campus Youtube channel and also here:

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Cloud Campus: working from home as a team!

Jobs that allow you to work anywhere – your next opportunity!

Also, we have several available vacancies for you to join the team. So, if you want to live wherever you prefer but still have an international career while working as a team with a real possibility to grow inside the company, this is your opportunity!

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