The Expat Index 2019 places Portugal as the third-best country in the annual ranking and in the leadership considering the quality of life parameter. People from abroad do feel at home in the country, says the report.

Feeling at home was the Expat Insider 2019 item where Portugal really shined. Globally, the country has moved from the sixth to the third position in the Index, but has featured first in the quality of life. Thus the Expat Insider 2019 stated that Portugal is the ideal destination for setting down quickly and feeling at home abroad.

Expat Index accounts for several categories, such as quality of life, ease of setting in, personal finances, working abroad or family life. This year, Portugal has done well in most them, granting the country an honorable third place in the global index.

feeling at home
feeling at home

Expat 2019 – Portugal for life

A total of 20.259 expatriates took part in the survey, representing 182 nationalities living in 187 countries. Therefore, the ranking reflects a global perspective on the best places to live, if you are coming from another country.

There is only three European countries in the Top 10 for the 2019 edition: Portugal (3rd), Spain (5th) and Czechia (10th). The leader of the global ranking 2019 is Taiwan, followed by Vietnam and Portugal.

One interest finding is that more than half of the expats in Portugal plan to stay possibly forever, which contributes to the idea that people living in Portugal are feeling at home. Portugal is “highly recommended” by the index, considering an impressive agreement on the easy to settle item, with positive responses from 83% of the respondents.

Feeling at home: Portugal leads

Expat Index also ranks Portugal as the first for feeling at home and third for friendliness. The country was also first in the quality of life parameter, confirming other recent surveys that placed Portugal in prominent positions, such as the Global Peace Index, where it was considered one of the most safe countries in the world.

Expat gives the 8th place to Portugal when it comes to safety and security, a 7th position considering health and safety and the second place both on Leisure options and Personal happiness. The country registers a more modest position for travel and transportation and digital life (ranking 16th in the two items).

The cost of living was also a positive point for Portugal (ranking 8th) which allows for a 15th position in the personal finance field. It’s important to say that the country was the “biggest winner” in this category, says the Expat Index, after moving up by 30 positions comparing to last year. Almost 60% of the respondents agreed that their disposable household income is more than enough to cover everyday expenses. Overall, 71% of the expats are happy with their financial status.

feeling at home

Portugal in the podium

It seems feeling at home is the main reason people would move to Portugal. This is supported by the quality of life available in the country, as well as some other important factors, such as safety, cost of living or friendliness.

In 2019, the Expat index places Portugal in the podium for the first time, which is a very strong argument to those considering moving. If you are planning on this and looking for a job, take a look at Teleperformance’s job opportunities.

Teleperformance Portugal has been considered  nine times as the best Great Place to Work and also won the 2019’s Young Talent Attraction award as well as the Fastest Growing Company for the last three years.

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