Live and work abroad! After your summer vacations in Portugal, this will probably be the only thing you will think about: moving to Portugal!

Portugal is such a diverse and fascinating country, for so many reasons, that it is extremely difficult to gather all the unmissable things you should do! If visiting the country never crossed your mind, be prepared for a drastic change of plans! Most of those who stayed in this irresistible land by the sea, ended the trip with a new idea: live and work abroad – live and work in Portugal.

The landscapes of Portugal are so varied that it can be challenging to identify what you should do during your vacation’s in Portugal. We will try to help you making the best of your time in Portugal!

Live and work abroad

From North to South

There are vibrant and open-minded cities like Lisbon and Porto. There are also cities like Covilhã, with delicious food and amazing landscapes. There are even the picturesque fishing villages along the Atlantic coastline, like Setúbal, that are your next favorite place in the world. So, to make the best of your time, our advice is: start at Porto and spend 3 to 4 days discovering one of the most mysterious and beautiful cities ever. Then, go south and take at least 3 days to explore Covilhã. Embrace nature, enjoy the hospitality and taste some of the strongest yet amazing flavors, such as queijo da Serra! After being rested, your next stop should be Lisbon, for at least 4 days. Check some of the things you can’t miss!

And finish in the most perfect way, diving into the Atlantic Ocean in Setúbal, in one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see: Portinho da Arrábida.

Live and work abroad
Live and work abroad

Live and work abroad – why Portugal?

After your amazing vacations in Portugal you will go back to your home country with a new idea in your mind: work and live in Portugal. Why?  For so many reasons!

The Portuguese culture

Portugal has one of the richest and varied cultural history in Europe. Lisbon and Porto are hotspots, combining Mediterranean charm with metropolitan atmospheres, but there is so much more to embrace that only the ones who live in the country can fully understand it.

Cost of living and the average salary

The cost of living in Portugal is relatively low compared to other destinations in Europe and the average salary makes it even more appealing to consider Portugal as the place to choose when it comes to live and work abroad.

Portugal’s employment is growing!

There are more and more job opportunities emerging in Portugal, making it one of the most desirables countries for those who want to build an international career! Do you want to know why? Because multicultural and international companies are choosing Portugal to settle, creating innumerous job opportunities for those who are interested to speak their native language.

Summing up, your holidays in Portugal will be life changing. If live and work abroad are part of your plans, Portugal will become your top European destination.

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