What to do in Porto

Living in Porto feels like a dream. Known for its stately bridges and port wine production, it has a medieval Ribeira that narrows cobbled streets and winds past merchants’ houses, elegant neighbourhoods and stately villas that stand in contrast to the narrow, ancient alleyways that UNESCO has declared World Heritage.

If you are wondering what to do in Porto, start by getting to know Avenida dos Aliados. In the heart of Porto, this street is full of modernist buildings, amongst which is the City Hall.

For a perfect day at Porto, after a good walk, look for great food. Porto is indeed full of amazing places to eat with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars. We can highlight three places that stand out: Cais da Ribeira, Cais da Gaia and Largo de São Bento.

Living in Porto: the best of Portugal's northwest

Why is living in Porto a good idea?

First, because we have great career opportunities.

Second, did you know that despite being on the coast of Portugal, Porto is relatively close to Spain? You can visit our neighbouring country in just a 5-hour drive to Madrid (560km) or 1h10 by plane.

Generally, like most of the country, Porto has very pleasing weather. Summers are hot, springs and autumns are sunny and winters rainy – which could be the perfect moment to visit some cellars and taste their sweet wines.

Every time of the year is going to surprise you, in the best way, but try to visit Porto during the Popular Saints Festivities, in June. During São João, the whole city comes alive, and you can feel the party atmosphere in every street.

So, if you want to combine work and leisure, you already know what to do in Porto. But be cautious, you are in great danger of wanting to stay living in Porto.

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