If you are thinking about becoming a sales agent with Teleperformance’s job offers, you may wonder how you can improve the sales knowledge you already have.


So, here are some key tips on how to be the best sales agent.

Starting with 5 job tips on how to be the best sales agent representative:

  • Passionate about sales, challenger, risk-taker
  • Strong interest in online marketing
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Strategic thinking to optimize customers’ online marketing tools
  • Good team player

How can you be the best sales agent?

How to be the best sales agent

Precision and active listening

A good sales agent support service must be guided by:

  • Transparency
  • In-depth knowledge of the product
  • Active listening.

You must give the customer confidence that you are there to listen and help.

Perfect knowledge of the product and service

As a Sales Representative, everything about the product or service you sell is fundamental information. Also, it’s important to know what traits Successful Sales people Share.

Problem solver mindset

Customers must trust you and your goodwill and knowledge to complete the sale. Afterwards, this ‘solving mindset’ is part of how to be a good sales agent.

Friendly attitude and good online communication skills

Attitude is everything for a successful and valuable customer experience. Equally, a proper attitude transforms a client’s negative experience into a positive one. Consequently, customer loyalty may actually increase.

Be a good team player 

Successful customer experience starts with a good experience in the workplace. Nonetheless, recognize that you are a valuable contributor. Also, you are an important element in the decision-making process.

In Teleperformance Portugal, attention to employees is one of the most successful factors. Given that, we advocate through:

  • Excellent work environment
  • Great balance between personal/professional life
  • Flexible hours
  • Culture of trust with all our employees

All things considered; did you like these tips? What about, joining us?

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