The experience of living in Portugal for a year can be amazing! Why? Because Portugal has great leisure activities, that combine nature with urban life.

If you are living in Portugal for a year, get to know how to enjoy this adventure to the max.

Enjoy nature and the fresh air

Portugal is a country with breathtaking views and a great climate. One of the things you have to enjoy is the fresh air and nature-related activities! Portugal is a seaside country with a great climate for water sports. In the beautiful Portuguese beaches spread along the country’s coast, you can enjoy surf, kite surfing, windsurfing and other sports. If you are a surf lover, check the article Surf paradise: 5 places you can’t miss in Portugal . Besides water sports, if you want something more relaxing, you can do several activities like dolphin and whale watching, sport fishing, boat tours, scuba diving among others. The best places for these kinds of activities are the region of Algarve, Azores Islands, Setubal and Sintra.

Horse riding, rock climbing, hiking through beautiful places, bird watching are some of the choices Portugal offers you. You can do any of these activities from north to south of the country and if you really want to enjoy Portugal’s nature you should visit the beautiful Portuguese islands of Azores and Madeira!

Taste amazing Portuguese food

One of the best things about this country is the delicious food, relying on fresh ingredients. All across the country, Portugal offers a wide range of culinary delights. Portuguese food has influences from several parts of the world. The Mediterranean cuisine, Atlantic, African, Asian and Brazilian. Bread, wine, olive oil, soups, fruit, pork meat and fish are some of the main ingredients in Portuguese cuisine. If you want to know what Portuguese dishes to try, check our article Portuguese food: 4 dishes you should try

living in Portugal for a year
living in Portugal for a year

A country full of history

If you are living in Portugal for a year, you’ll be in a country with a rich history that it was once one of continental Europe’s greatest power. Throughout its history, Portugal explored the world and got to know several cultures, being inspired by them. From north to south of the country, you can visit famous landmarks, museums and even the architectural landscape of each region reflects the culture. If you want to know the best places to visit in Lisbon check the article The best 5 places to visit in Lisbon. Porto is a beautiful city full of history if you want to know the perfect route to explore the city check the article Work in Porto: Know this beautiful city!

Nightlife in Portugal

Portugal is a lovely country to live for several reasons, but for those who like to have fun and have a busy social life, Portugal it’s just perfect! If you are living in Portugal for a year, you can enjoy a robust nightlife that included great restaurants, several kinds of bars and clubs. There are 3 Portuguese regions that stand out from the rest, having an amazing nightlife in comparison with other European countries.

  • Lisbon: In the Portuguese capital, you can find over 100 bars and restaurants with amazing food and atmosphere, in the Bairro Alto area, one of the main nightlife locations. If you are looking for a clubbing atmosphere, you can find bars in different areas of the city like Santos. The bars in Lisbon stay open until at least 3 am and clubs are normally open until 6 am!
  • Algarve: The Algarve one of Europe’s most popular summer holiday destinations, one of the reasons is the amazing nightlife that this region offers! Not only has great bars but it’s one of the top clubbing destinations in all of Europe, Lagos, Albufeira, and Praia da Rocha are the top destinations if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Algarve!
  • Porto: Porto is a historical city with a lot to offer, including a unique nightlife! The center of Porto’s nightlife is in the downtown area, where you can find a variety of bars and restaurants. If you are in the mood for dancing, The Industrial Area is also known for its amazing discos!
living in Portugal for a year

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