Portugal has become a technological reference in Europe and is now considered one of the most high tech countries. The quality of life, the positive ambience, excellent infrastructures and lots of talent are the main drivers justifying the new paradigm.

Most high tech countries – Portugal has been increasingly asserting itself as one of the most high tech countries in Europe. From quality of life to modern infrastructures, through the promising environment for entrepreneurship and the undeniable existence of talent, everything has contributed to put the country on the path of welcoming technology and start-ups.

The country is ranked 19th (among 140 countries) in terms of infrastructure quality, according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2018 of the World Economic Forum. The same report also states that Portugal is in 27th place in terms of business dynamism and occupies the 32nd position in innovation capacity.

OECD also says that Portugal benefits from the fourth best internet speed in the world and the second at European level, being also particularly competitive in prices. Within the scope of the most high tech countries, Portugal has been following a solid path that places the country at the forefront of attracting innovative companies and projects.

This scenario justifies, for example, the recent installation of Google in Oeiras, Microsoft’s continued investment for almost two decades, Amazon’s plans to create an operational structure in the city of Porto or Huawei’s ambition to develop 5G technology.

most high tech countries
most high tech countries

Quality of life

One of the most recognized characteristics of the country is the quality of life. Good climate, excellent gastronomy, affordable rent prices or friendly population are enough reasons to motivate companies and professionals to settle in Lusitanian lands. In addition, Portugal was recently considered the fourth safest country in the world, according to the 2018 Global Peace Index.

Lisbon and Porto are, at the moment, two of the trendiest destinations in Europe. Vibrant cities with quality restaurants, lively nightlife and top commercial equipment that add the world’s best known brands. As a general rule, particularly in urban centers, the population speaks a good level of English, facilitating communication with those coming from abroad.

Most high tech countries: positive environment

The recent economic recovery has also contributed to a general improvement in sentiment towards the country and its potential for business development. Strategically, the authorities are committed to creating a favorable environment for the installation of start-ups and also for world-renowned companies.

The policy of promoting the country as an emerging geography for technology is reflected, for example, in the support given to the Web Summit, whose contract ensures the holding of the event in Portugal until 2028. There is, in fact, a climate of receptivity towards entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in general.

Relatively affordable rents and attractive average wages are another two components of competitiveness for the country. In addition, talent, both internal and external, has been flowing. Portugal is the fifth country with the highest number of graduates in science and technology per thousand inhabitants, considering the age group between 20 and 29 years old.

Plus, bureaucratic constraints have been greatly reduced in recent years and specific legislation has been created to facilitate the installation of companies, particularly in the digital and technological fields. Several incentives for investment and entrepreneurship are also available.

The results are truly positive. Since 2016, investment in start ups has risen sharply, by around 30 percentage points per year, twice the European average. This places Portugal as one of the most high tech countries in the world.

most high tech countries

Cultural diversity

Despite the dynamism that is currently recognized to Portugal as one of the most high tech countries, the technological spirit is far from being a novelty in the territory. The country’s know-how is well demonstrated in the development of the ATM network, one of the most sophisticated in the world, Via Verde, the first automatic toll payment system in the world, or through the concept of prepaid mobile phones, which quickly conquered the industry.

With a history of remarkable innovation, Portugal has become a particularly attractive destination for companies and a privileged geography for young professionals seeking opportunities in the digital and technological area.

The country has received talent from all over the world and demonstrated its ability to create true multicultural technological hubs, as is the case with Teleperformance buildings. The company is the perfect example of integration and inclusion, where diversity is cherished as a strategic element of the business itself.

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