Work life balance in Portugal, compared to other European countries, is gathering a lot of attention.

Work life balance in Portugal – Family values have always been in the center of the Portuguese culture. Although younger generations are much more career oriented than their parents were, nowadays the difference is that, these values are also in the center of the work culture of the best companies to work for.

Teleperformance Portugal is pioneer in this field and soon understood the importance of work life balance in Portugal.

The balance between personal and professional life is not sealed and means something different for each person. That is why the company stablished a well strutted plan that, through several initiatives, aims to provide unique opportunities to the employees, their families and friends.

TP Club

Our TP Club, a club created with the purpose of providing free events and activities to our employees, provides amazing activities, such as surf classes with their children, soft trekkings to enjoy the most beautiful landscape views or even in events like Arraial, where we can gather all our family and friends in an amazing company party.

TP Weekend

TP weekend program was designed with the focus of creating stability in the personal life of all our employees. For those whose schedule is to work, in a rotative way, at weekends, It the possibility of choosing to work permanently at weekends and enjoying 2 consecutive breaks during the week.  Moreover, to not only encourage  work life balance in Portugal but also to support a healthy way of living, the company offers a range of activities to enjoy in the days off – Yoga, Sailing, DJ course, Gym, among others.

Health insurance

Teleperformance Portugal offers health insurance, accessible to all employees. The insurance includes coverage for consultations, treatment and hospitalization and is extended to the household.

The best part? Our employees’ family can also have access to the insurance, accessible for a small monthly fee! Why? Because in the center of our policy of work life balance in Portugal are the family values!

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