The Portuguese are more friendly, welcoming and nicer than people from other countries. And we’re not the ones who say it!

An InterNations study conducted 13,000 immigrant surveys across 188 countries and Portugal ranked # 1! If you had doubts, here is your answer: we know how to welcome people who come to Portugal.

Portugal’s essence is precisely in the Portuguese. There are even those who say that, since the time of the Portuguese Discoveries, and because we lived with people from all over the world, with different languages and customs, we naturally learned how to integrate those who come to us.

Nowadays, in an increasingly global and digital world, where relations are mostly built online, the Portuguese continue to know how to value a good dinner with friends. For us, a conversation through social networks is not enough. We like to meet, to share experiences, to get along. We like, above all, to meet new people who contribute to our personal, and who knows, professional growth.

That’s why we are able to welcome someone new very easily. Of course, our motto is “if we can fit 4, we can fit 6!”. So, let’s join our group of friends, people we’ve met recently, friends of other friends or simply someone who has met us at some event and with whom we have established a connection.

Welcoming country
Welcoming country

In the InterNations study, 58% of people interviewed said that it is very easy to make friends in Portugal. But there is more: almost half of the people who pass through Portugal, 47%, would like to live in our country. On the other hand, our “friendly attitude” is reported by 94% of the people who participated in this study.

And if all of this wasn’t enough to help you decide what your next destination is, note that, in addition to Portugal in the 1st place, only 2 other European countries are included on the top 20 of this list. They are Spain (17th) and Romania (19th).

This study makes us very proud. We already knew that we like to receive people and that we know how to treat them well. We already knew that we like to help and we can’t turn our backs on someone who needs something. But it’s one thing to know it, it’s another to be recognized internationally for that.

Don’t wait any longer, come here and check for yourself everything they say about us.

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