Work in Netherlands or work in Portugal – when it comes to deciding which the best choice is, we tell you all the differences you need to know!

Work in Netherlands and live there is, without a doubt, an incredible choice because it is a country with extensive history and culture with incredible extensions of green countryside.  However, Portugal does not fall short, being also a country (one of the oldest in the world) with a rich history. Probably, the most obvious similarity between Portugal and Holland is the people. Both very friendly and accommodating, willing to help all with a big smile.

Holland is known for being a flat country with very few hills, making moving around extremely easy and the Dutch people found the perfect transportation method: Bicycles. Cycling is definitely popular all throughout Europe but it’s practically a Dutch tradition, so when it comes to going to work in Netherlands, this is a first choice for moving around. Portugal doesn’t share the same tradition. However, in the past years, the Portuguese government started seriously investing in greener transportation approaches, so many bike paths were created throughout the country.

work in Netherlands

You might be asking yourself, why isn’t Lisbon full of bike paths? Lisbon does have bike paths but it’s also the city of seven hills, moving around in a bicycle can be hard work. You read right, seven hills. Legend tells that Lisbon was born like Rome, between seven hills. Each one has a story and when you get there and witness the viewpoints from each hill before you know it, you’ll have stories of your own.

When thinking about Portugal one thing comes to mind and that is the climate. You might learn to love Dutch weather but you’ll fall in love with Portuguese weather. Let’s face it, work in Netherlands and work in Portugal is different precisely because of the weather.

Despite the fact that Holland has a big tech industry, Portugal is experiencing a major investment from big-name companies, a start-up blowout and overall expansion of its tech market. In other words, Portugal is becoming the land of opportunities for talent from around the globe. Even though there is plenty of work in Netherlands, there are some opportunities unique to Portugal.

When comparing countries based on work, researching cost of living is a must. Holland has a greater purchasing power. However, the cost of living in Portugal is much lower. meaning that depending on how much you earn, you can experience an above average way of life.

work in Netherlands

Both countries also have a significant area, Holland with 45,540 km² and Portugal with 92,226 km², so there are plenty of attractions to explore and cultural curiosities to discover. Although both countries are next to the ocean, Portugal coastline is extensive, with a 1,793 Km. Just think about the dozens of beaches throughout the cost that you can enjoy.

Did you know that Portugal has one of the world’s largest exclusive economic zone? A total area of 1,727,408 km², which combines Continental Portugal, the Azores Islands and the Madeira Islands. In addition, in May 2009, Portugal submitted a claim to extend its jurisdiction of the neighboring continental shelf, resulting in a marine territory of more than 3,877,408 km².

In sum, prospects are all around us. Holland is an amazing country with plenty to offer, with unique advantages but if you’re searching for career opportunities, the work in Portugal combined with the current investment can provide a whole range of chances that you might not find when it comes to work in Netherlands.

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