What is Teleperformance? 

What is Teleperformance

What is Teleperformance Portugal all about? Get to know an internal perspective by Jorge Tavares – From CSR to Vice President

Age: 43 years old

Education: Accounting and Administration

How many years have you been at Teleperformance?

23 years.

When did you take on your current role? 

I took on my current role this year.

Tell us about the roles you have carried out up until now? 

I started to work at Teleperformance in 1996 as a CSR and in 2000 I became a supervisor. In 2004 I took on the task of Account Manager, in 2010 I´ve occupied the position of EVP Customer Acquisition. Now, I am EVP Operations & CSR Recruitment since April 2019.

What is your assessment of that career progress? 

Having made my entire professional career at Teleperformance, the final balance can only be very positive!

It´s been a progress marked by ups and downs that made me deal with success and with failure in a positive and constructive manner – we have to face up to everything that happens to us as a learning process and an opportunity to improve. Basically, I do not get depressed with the lows but also I´m not dazzled with the highs.

I remember that two years after I began carrying out supervisor duties the opportunity came along to apply for a vacancy in account management! So I took the initiative to submit my application. After a few weeks, I was then called for an interview with the sales manager… Was I nervous? Far too much! A few days after the interview the result was released… I had not been selected for the vacancy!

I had two solutions: 1) to believe that everything around me was wrong and that the fact of not having been selected was due to external factors not attributable to myself or, 2) try to understand what I could improve so that at the next opportunity I could obtain success. I chose the second option!

What I have achieved today I owe it not only due to my work and dedication but also to our company, Teleperformance, which provides its employees with the ability to develop and obtain career progression, valuing their internal staff.

I want to continue to be part of the Teleperformance family for many years! So, to the question “What is Teleperformance?”, i could only answer – the company where successful stories are possible.

Is there any special moment you would like to reveal to us about your progress within the company? 

Throughout 20 years I have had several special moments but I would like to highlight one in particular, in the “beginning”, and that probably changed the way I viewed our activity.

They put a shy 18-year-old lad selling deep-frozen products by telephone on behalf of a partner who was called Friser! I thought… How on earth am I going to do this? I have no experience in sales and I have never cooked anything in my life!

The answer to my doubts vanished in the first days of training, because it was not difficult to realize that I was joining a fantastic group, in which everybody supported everyone… The individual objectives became common, i.e., the true definition of a team. It was very easy to adapt to this project, it is a memory of friendship and companionship that I shall keep with myself forever.

In your opinion which characteristics are the most valued for career progression?

To be ambitious, always with “fair play”, it is one of the keys to achieving that much-desired progression.

In our day-to-day, it is also fundamental to realize that we are in a constantly changing market and that, in order to be different from the others, we must be extremely proactive in the search for innovation. We should not be stuck with the problems facing us, but we must be dynamic in the search for solutions that will allow us to continue to win the most diverse battles toward the success that we wish to achieve.

How to manage a large team, what are the main challenges that we can encounter? 

The management of a business unit brings varied challenges such as the constant search for innovation and the pressure to achieve increasingly better results. But, I dare say that one of the most delicate aspects is actually people management.

It is not always easy to coordinate people with thoughts, values and different experiences of life. The biggest challenge is to manage that the whole team fights for the same goals and that each member clearly understands his importance and role in the broader picture. To achieve the best results it is essential we manage conflicts, know how to listen, respect the personalities and accept the various points of view without ever losing focus of our objectives.

We hope this article helped you to know more about what is Teleperformance Portugal and inspired you to consider a career at this company.

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