Teleperformance’s CX Lab conducts thousands of interviews annually to discover the top trends in customer service across multiple countries and sectors.


We all have had good and bad experiences with brands. Consumers’ sentiment after their interactions become etched in their memory and, as we say in Teleperformance, “each interaction matters”. It is essential that brands better understand consumers and, not analyze their preferences, but also anticipate their needs. But how?

Teleperformance created the Customer Experience Lab – CX Lab – which came to revolutionize the Customer Service area – or we were not the leaders in this sector. This award-winning research center is dedicated to monitoring changes in consumer behavior and expectations around the world, in order to help companies improve their customer service strategy.

Created in 2013, CX Lab gathers through surveys thousands of perceptions annually to analyze the main trends in customer experience and preferences by country, channel, segment, and generation.

A company’s customer service increasingly has an impact on customers’ perception of the brand and its success. In the complex and digital world we live in today, it is a must for brands to know which channels consumers prefer and use, what drives loyalty and advocacy.

That’s the secret. In order to have an effective customer service strategy, companies need to have a deep understanding of what consumers like, use and prefer.


Teleperformance learns every day about customer behaviors and preferences to expand knowledge and empower companies around the world.

Take your brand’s customer experience to a next level with our expertise!

We bring in-depth insights from end-customers to increase your revenue and growth.

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