Innovation is one of the main survival factors of a company. It leads to higher productivity and economic growth. If you want innovation and growth, do not forget to stimulate it within your organization!


In the pursuit of success, there is something we consider essential: innovate!

Being one step ahead of the competition is the best way for organizations to remain competitive in the market. The ability to develop new ideas, solve problems and improve with the same resources, results in innovation and growth.

In addition to all the business benefits and competitive advantage, a culture of innovation will react more quickly and better if an external change or challenge arises – as was the case with the pandemic that quickly spread and forced a sudden change in the working method of many organizations.

In this article, we share some points that we consider relevant when we currently think about innovation in companies and we present some of the innovation at Teleperformance Portugal.

Remote work is the new normal

It is no longer news. Remote work is here to stay and with it countless opportunities to innovate in the business or to attract new employees.

At Teleperformance, in 2019 already, we saw the potential that remote work has for our business and, with this, we created the TP Cloud Campus. The Cloud Campus is Teleperformance’s business model in which employees can work from anywhere in the world. In this model, employees work with a connected team and with all available resources to perform their function in the best way, as well as to achieve their professional and personal goals – training, career progression, a balance between professional and family life, among others.

For the Teleperformance business, this was an extremely important innovation and made it possible for the company to quickly transfer all employees home in the first months of the emergence of the Covid-19 virus in Portugal. In other words, given an external factor, the company, due to innovation, was able to act quickly and efficiently without putting the company’s operation at risk.

Pay attention to the needs and behavior of consumer

When thinking about innovating a service or product, attention must be paid to the behavior and needs of consumers. How can my service best adapt to current customers’ behavior?

The truth is that the internal needs of a company or consumer change, and they change quickly depending on what is going on in the world.

To understand customers and their preferences, Teleperformance created the CX Lab in 2013. Through an annual questionnaire, this Teleperformance laboratory analyzes the main trends in customer experience and consumer preferences to improve customer service strategies and provide the best service to our clients.

Small improvements, big changes

Innovations do not always have to be on a large scale. Small improvements that can help processes, the daily lives of employees or customers, make a difference.

Automation increases a company’s productivity, efficiency, and longevity. Also, it often reduces costs and the time spent on what was done manually.

Over the past two years, Teleperformance Portugal has developed 2628 bots that have contributed to improvements or problem-solving in 62 projects and 16 clients. Believe us, they make all the difference!

Promote innovation and growth

Create a culture of innovation and growth within the company! The promotion of an environment in continuous learning and growth has a positive impact on the organization.

Companies that encourage sharing and proposals for improvement are taking advantage of the knowledge that each employee has, to grow. With internal feedback, companies can understand certain problems and act on them for their success.

Therefore, it creates an environment conducive to the sharing of new ideas.

Teleperformance Portugal increasingly seeks to feed this type of culture, by creating events and contests that are dedicated to suggesting improvements, as well as frequent meetings where opportunities for improving service to its clients are discussed.


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