Teleperformance has recently launched a new Employee Hub in City Center, to enrich and enhance the employee experience.

At this space, our employees can find support from the different teams involved in supporting their employee journey. From the Welcome and Onboarding team to the regular employee needs covered by our Employee Experience. As well as the IT, the Facilities and the Assistance and Support teams. 

The space includes:  
  • A lounge area for our employees to relax in their free time or while waiting to be attended; 
  • 2 medical offices for medical appointments, as part of our wellness program; 
  • An area to pick-up/drop-off or to test and change equipment; 
  • A new access to the cafeteria and coffee corner, at the end of the space; 
  • A ticketing system that will allow our employees to choose the team that can best support them (available soon). 

This is a win as one, since the teams are now working together in the Hub space, bringing their best selves to work. 

More than 90 employees from different projects and departments, as well as the Hub teams, attended the launch events. They counted with the presence of a graphic artist. He was invited to give a calligraphy workshop and help to build a wall with powerful words and quotes. We believe that this is a great way to reinforce the company culture and foster a sense of community among employees. 

The official launch had our executive board’s presence. They spread appreciation messages to all teams involved in the project and integrated in this new space. 

Teleperformance is a company that is easy to work for and with, and where people are the business heartbeat. A useful and enjoyable space for those who work there and for everyone visiting.  

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