Recently, Teleperformance Portugal announced the appointment of Pedro Gomes as the company’s new CEO.

The executive has more than 15 years experience in the Teleperformance group. While taking the new position, Pedro Gomes intends to enhance management solutions delivery that integrate high technology and the involvement of personal attention and service.  

The new CEO goal is to continue the company’s mission. Teleperformance values the interaction and relationship between companies and their customers, and between administrations and their employers.  

Regarding his professional career, Pedro Gomes experienced several management levels and support areas. More recently, he worked as COO and Chief Client Solutions Officer at Teleperformance Portugal.  

new CEO Teleperformance Portugal

“Teleperformance is a significant partner for companies and institutions and helps these partners to incorporate the optimization brought by digitalization, filling the gaps between human emotional management and cold data. My goal in assuming the Executive Director position in Portugal is precisely to continue to contribute to this purpose.”, says Pedro Gomes, CEO of Teleperformance Portugal. 

The executive also points out that “the experience that I have been accumulating over these 15 years at Teleperformance, combined with the tremendous talent of our management team, will help to find solutions that, on the one hand, continue to meet our customers needs and expectations and, on the other hand, that they contribute to the creation of an increasingly global society”.  

Teleperformance stands out for its ability to manage projects and people, integrating a wide range of job offers. Find your next challenge here and build your career with us!  

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