eSports has surprising headlines. Teleperformance is the new eSports sponsor of Benfica. The upcoming season of FIFA’s Portuguese football team is focusing on:

  • Digital sport’s strategy
  • Talent development

eSports Sponsor Benfica Teleperformance

The sponsorship of Benfica’s eSports team comes from a combination of a lot of motivations:

  • Commitment to win
  • The connection to different audiences
  • Strong connection with young people
  • Global strategy
  • Recognition in a digital ecosystem
  • Keep up with brands exponential growth
  • Continuous brand digital strategy

eSports Sponsor Benfica Teleperformance

The partnership between Teleperformance and Benfica is very important for a lot of members of our team. And a big part of them is Benfica’s fans. In fact, it is considered one of the biggest clubs in Europe/the World.

Teleperformance’s team also has a passion for Gaming (and winning). So, undeniably, everyone is thrilled to partner with a club that represents the same principles and ambitions as Teleperformance.

Domingos Soares de Oliveira is the CEO of SL Benfica. Specifically, the executive of the club showed us that Benfica is increasingly focusing on digital. “The football industry is going through a lot of changes. It is fundamental to keep up”.

Meanwhile, Domingos told us more about this alliance. In fact, Benfica’s CEO is certain that the partnership with Teleperformance will boost the eSports area of the Club.

Benfica is also the name of a famous Lisbon area. Indeed, you can read more about this matter, here.

eSports Teleperformance Gaming Center

The main ambition is to win all competitions in and outdoors. So, Teleperformance has made a Gaming Center supplied with:

  • The most modern equipment
  • The best technology available.

This center is one of the best in the world. Therefore, it has all training and competitive conditions provided.

On a national stage, the team will dispute two competitions:

  • Portugal League
  • FPF (Portuguese Football Federation)

Also, at the global level, these competitions can lead to the World championship.

So, the goal? Victory!

Generally, we can’t wait to see how far we can take this partnership.

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