The beauty of the city and the fantastic building of Teleperformance are enough reasons for you to consider looking for a job in Porto.

The TP Douro building is perfect for those looking for job opportunities in porto. Benefiting from a magnificent view over the river, it is located in Vila Nova de Gaia, next to the Arrábida bridge, that is to say with easy access from the main city and also for those coming from the South, by the highway.

From the architectural point of view, it is a reference building in terms of modernity, comfort and safety. This is the company’s first building in the north of the country and Teleperformance has spared no efforts to provide the best conditions for those seeking job opportunities in Porto.

Job opportunities in porto

With capacity for more than 1100 workstations, four floors and a total area of more than 4,000 square meters, this state of the art building stands out for its use of natural light and simple but imposing design.

TP Douro is particularly strategic and symbolic for Teleperformance. It represents the company’s geographical expansion into the North Region, where a very significant part of the country’s business and industrial fabric is located. Additionally, it reflects the growing relevance of Porto as a destination of choice and a reference city in the European context.

job opportunities in porto

Teleperformance is strongly committed to this location, where it has some of its main clients. In this context, for those looking for jobs in Porto, you can visit the company’s recruitment page and look for the available opportunities and develop a career in a company of international renown.

The possibilities are quite varied and include jobs that can range from customer service, to team management or involve more technological and IT areas. In addition, there are vacancies in several languages, confirming that also in Porto Teleperformance has created a multicultural environment, where Diversity, fairness and mutual respect are intrinsic values.

Porto: places not to be missed

If you’re looking for a job in Porto, you shouldn’t miss the city’s main attractions. Here are some suggestions of places not to be missed.


Clérigos Tower

An icon of the city, built by Nicolau Nasoni and inaugurated in 1750, with 76 meters high and 240 steps to “conquer”. But it’s worth it. The view, once at the top, is phenomenal.


Crystal Palace Gardens

Clean and pure air and Douro smell create the perfect ambience for the romantic styled gardens surrounding the Palace.

Lello Bookstore

It was already considered the 3rd most beautiful bookstore in the world by The Guardian. The Gothic style provides the ideal setting for a frame that breathes culture and history.


A night-life reference, located at the edge of the Douro River and already considered World Heritage by UNESCO. You can also cross to the other side of the river and visit Vinho do Porto cellars, where you can taste the most famous liqueur in the world.

D.Luís I Bridge

It appears in a very significant percentage of the images we see about the city of Porto. And justifiably so. The imposing metal structure gets involved in the landscape and brings it particular charisma.

An imposing religious structure whose construction dates back to the first half of the 12th century. Recognized as one of the main tourist attractions of the city and which has received additions over the years, thus reflecting different architectural styles.

São Bento Station

Gateway to the city of Porto inaugurated in 1916 that testifies to the history of the region through the tile drawing art. Not to be missed.

Douro wine region

Finally, the boat trip on the Douro River is undoubtedly one of the most representative experiences of the region, during which we truly feel the soul that one breathes in those bands.

At Teleperformance we have many opportunities for those looking for job opportunities in Porto. If you are interested in considering a solid international career get to know a little more about the company:

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