When you think about things you want in a job, the firsts that come to your mind are probably a good working environment, salary, flexible hours and … jobs that allow you to work anywhere!

More and more people feel the need for choices, also in their jobs. And one of the things in which people want to have flexibility is in the physical place where they work.

There are a lot of perks in working from home. And home, for you, can be anywhere in the world. One day in Portugal, another day on another continent. If you choose to work remotely, you have the choice to work from wherever it fits you. It doesn’t mean it has to be home or the coffee shop around the corner. And this one is just the first perk!

  • You’ll save time and money

It is obvious that if you don’t go to a specific workplace every day, you will soon feel a difference in commute costs. The fact that you don’t have to buy more suits, shoes, or other items that you will use just to go to work, is also a saving, as well as all the money saved on meals outside the office.

  • You will be more focused/productive

It will always depend on the environment around you. However, since you can choose the space where you feel comfortable to work remotely, you will be more focused and productive in your tasks, without the distractions in the office.

  • You will have a better work-life balance

The time you gain from the daily trips to work – for some people, quite long – you will save to do other things in your life. Besides, you will no longer have the commute stress, that will help you to have more initiative and desire to do other things before or after work.

  • Your meetings will be more effective and comfortable

You will be able to have a nice breakfast and coffee, in no hurry, after that 9 am meeting. Sit where you want and be ready to be more efficient in the meeting. Video call meetings have the function of chat, screen and document sharing, so they end up being very effective.

These and other advantages, such as better time management, greater independence which, in turn, can lead to greater personal development and increased sustainability, make you already consider in jobs that allow you to work anywhere, aren’t they? Can you imagine?

Teleperformance remotely work model – TP Cloud Campus

With Teleperformance’s new business model – TP Cloud Campus – you can continue to imagine and, who knows, it will become reality.

This new bet of the company is based on the concept of teamwork in the cloud – because it gives the possibility to the team members to work together in a virtual environment from anywhere in the world. You can work from wherever you live and move to wherever you love. And still, belong to an amazing multicultural team within just a few days! Let’s explain each step:

1st day: You apply to one of the available job vacancies

2nd day: You have a job interview

3rd day: If you pass, you will enroll in TP Cloud Campus

4th day: You start your training

The next steps will be the choice of your availability and schedule preferences. Yes, as simple, as that! So, if you are looking for jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, this may be your next opportunity.

These are some of the remotely work Teleperformance vacancies in several languages that are open now:

Check all the Cloud Campus job vacancies on our website, here.

If you still want to know more about Teleperformance Cloud Campus, we suggest you read our articles and to subscribe to the youtube channel to be updated on it!

Cloud Campus: working from home as a team!

TP Cloud Campus: Teleperformance Portugal’s new bet

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