TP Cloud Campus is Teleperformance’s new business model, totally based on the concept of teamwork…in the cloud!

The bet on innovation has shown, over time, to be one of the main keys to Teleperformance Portugal’s success. Without fear of adding the most advanced technology to the best talent, with a High Teck High Touch approach, Teleperformance shows once again that the future has arrived and is, undoubtedly, passing through the cloud.

In September 2019, Teleperformance Portugal implemented TP Cloud Campus, a new business model that, based on several collaborative tools, gives team members the possibility to be in permanent contact, in a virtual work environment, from any geography of the world. This new business model allows for the hiring, training and management of customer experience teams, back-office services and Knowledge services remotely. This way, Teleperformance Portugal presents to its clients and employees an operational model that goes beyond the existing traditional models and that maintains the same standards of security, performance and operational control.

TP Cloud Campus

The TP Cloud Campus combines the most recent technological evolutions (5G internet, increased quality of videoconferencing solutions, collaborative platforms, massification of laptops, etc.) and a working culture in increasing change – which values flexibility of schedules and freedom of choice of the place to reside. In addition to employees being able to work from anywhere they want, this new model has numerous benefits. Although the nature of work is virtual, Teleperformance ensures that learning, coaching, teamwork, daily challenges and career progression are maintained – it is not by chance that we are talking about the fastest-growing company in Portugal for the past 10 years. It is also possible to save time, commuting expenses, reduce the carbon footprint, among others, improving the quality of life.

“Cloud Campus emerges as a structured response to the growing trend of placing employees in home offices to ensure a more sustained balance between professional and personal life. In this sense, we are convinced that this new model will allow us to connect with an increasingly talented, qualified and motivated workforce.”

João Cardoso Teleperformance Portugal's CEO

Teleperformance assumes that seeks talent regardless of where it exists, in order to create a unique team. Even the recruitment experience is special. The company states that the whole process is done virtually and in two days people can have the opportunity to join the TP Cloud Campus team.

This innovation could not have been presented at a better time, given the current situation of a pandemic. Teleperformance Portugal was the pioneering company of the Teleperformance Group to test this new model last year with the first customers of the TP Cloud Campus, from different sectors. TP Cloud Campus was now officially presented at a virtual inauguration to all customers and shareholders.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to work from wherever you want? With Teleperformance you can! Check out the available positions here!

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