Motivation for job change
Motivation for job change - yes you can!

Motivation for job change is the key factor that will transform your career into a success story! Do you need an extra boost? Check Anabela’s story!

“Thanks to my motivation for job change, I was able to transform my personal and professional life for the best, embracing a new challenge and a professional achievement.”

Hello everyone, I am Anabela and I come from the north of Portugal, so it is normal for you to hear me saying some different words with an accent that is characteristic of that region.  Once I completed my degree in Computer Engineering in 2006, I ventured to Lisbon, the city that stole my heart when I was still a teenager. For 5 years I was part of a research and development team of engineers focused on developing a product for Contact Center, protected as much as possible from external influences and end users. It was a really good experience but by that time I found myself having some motivation for job change.

In 2011, I came across with a job offer from Teleperformance Portugal and did not miss the opportunity. Curious to find out more about the life of a Contact Center, I accepted the proposal to integrate the development team. It is a custom-made development team, carefully built to fulfill all the project’s needs. Despite my motivation for job change, it was a shy beginning, as my personality doesn’t allow me to be so effusive in new environments. However, I quickly adapted thanks to my warm and friendly team.

Thanks to my motivation for job change, I was able to transform my personal and professional life for the best, embracing a new challenge and a professional achievement: the willingness to know new projects and to be closer to the operations, to be closer to their needs and, ultimately,  to our customers. It was here, at Teleperformance, that I was able to face some professional challenges that go beyond my technological knowledge.

My first project (in the area of banking) was one of the most demanding ones until now. Many hours of work, days and nights, even weekends, to respond to the needs of the project. A team effort that resulted in great success: successful go-live, client and operation satisfied with the result.

Motivation for job change

Many other projects followed… Today I am proudly part and the Team Leader of a development team. This team makes me feel special. My daily concern is that all of us do not stop feeling special, given the importance that our role has in this giant machine that Teleperformance is. Every day we are challenged to improvise, to do more and be better in less time. The projects will not stop, and business diversity requires team versatility. Despite very difficult days to achieve goals that, from the very beginning, seem almost impossible, I really love what I do and to provide others the results required by our most demanding clients. This satisfaction makes me go to work every day.

I feel special because I work with fantastic people who make it happen every day.

Daniela Faria, IT development Team Leader

If you also have motivation for job change, find your successful story with a new job opportunity at Teleperformance Portugal!

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