Where to work after graduating is one of the biggest concerns to the new professionals that leave universities ready to start a career.

Where to work
Age: 31
Education: Degree in Psychology
Date of joining Teleperformance: October 2010
Current role: Contact Center Manager

Ana Sofia Maltez

Where to work after graduating?

Ana Sofia Maltez’s story is one among hundreds that faced the same question and found their answer at Teleperformance Portugal. Know her story!

What has been your career progression since you started at Teleperformance?

I joined Teleperformance in October 2010, after having finished a Master’s in Psychology, just 3 weeks earlier. When I started my adventure in the company, I embraced the challenge of working in an outbound project for an insurance company. In the beginning, like many other young professionals, I was working in a part-time schedule and I looked to Teleperformance Portugal as a temporary job, until I could figure where to work afterwards, in my training area. I was back at my parents’ house after 5 years as a student in Coimbra and I was seeking economic independence to start my “adult life”.  I must admit that when I was in training and began the internship, I was a little concerned. It was all new to me and working at a contact center hadn’t previously been part of my plans. However, there was something that made me feel good within this team. The environment was always excellent, right from the first day, and I always was motivated to work. Quickly enough I stop thinking where to work next and increased my involvement with Teleperformance Portugal. The teamwork, the satisfaction of reaching the campaign objectives, the colleagues, and the management team, all contributed to my professional and personal realization inside Teleperformance.  It was in January 2012, after having participated in the career progression program Jump!, in which I learned some team leadership practices, that I began my experience managing an inbound project, as a team leader of a retention line. It was a fascinating challenge and the will to learn led me to carry out the role successfully. At the end of that year I was invited to supervise another outbound project. I felt that my good work and results were recognized, and my ambition made me believe that my goal was far away and that I could go much further.

What did your recent career progression mean to you and what are the short-term objectives for your career at Teleperformance?

Throughout these years I have had the opportunity to work with various people and I learned from all of them. I think it is important to value the work of others just as the company values ours.  For me, it is important to know that I am in a company of meritocracy that promotes my work and recognizes my commitment and professionalism. Given the recognition of my work, in May 2015 I was invited to carry out the role of Assistant Contact Center Manager for 2 projects in the Customer Acquisition area. Today, I am a Contact Center Manager.  I am proud of that, for having managed to reach my objective, for now having the opportunity of defining new goals and to be able to continuously evolve. I know that at Teleperformance we have the opportunity of growing, acquiring and developing our skills.

What does it mean to you to belong to Teleperformance?

Teleperformance is very important to me, not only on a professional level but on a personal one too. I have grown with the company and learned here what it is to be in the job market. It’s motivating to feel that I can work with people who value me, who I admire and with whom I learn so much, such as Rita Silva, Soraia Diniz and Jorge Tavares. I’m proud to work at this great company and am always motivated to give my best.

So, if you are wondering where to work after graduating, the answer is Teleperformance Portugal!

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