Trying to find ways to be mindful? Probably yes, and we have the best tips for you!

Although mindfulness is associated more with the personal than the professional side, we will explain to you in this article that in the end… it’s all connected!

What is mindfulness?

Let’s think about all the parts of our body, more specifically the muscles.

Mindfulness is a kind of mental muscle that allows us to keep our attention focused on the present experience.

There are a lot of  ways to be mindful and they can be materialized in all kinds of daily and routine activities such as cooking, manual activities and others.

Why is mindfulness important in our daily lives and how can you find the best ways to mindful?

You can practice your mindfulness in a number of ways!

At least in 3 different ways: moving, body scan and breathing.

But today we’re going to focus on a more generalist way of mindful…we believe it’s the one that best suits your day-to-day and also a nice kick off.

Mindfulness on the move can be practiced in your daily routines, housework and even… at work, but how?

To put your mindfulness into practice, try starting your workday with brief exercises in this kind of meditation.

If you can’t start the day with this activity, try doing it between work breaks.

First, sit comfortably in your chair, or floor. Just make sure you are seated and not lying down / in a sleeping position.

Relax all parts of your body (shoulders, legs, hands) and then slowly close your eyes. If you don’t like to close your eyes, you can simply fix a point in the environment where you are.

Begin to focus on bodily sensation and all points of contact with the floor or chair.

As a next step, focus on your breathing! Breathe naturally without thinking too much about it.

Let thoughts travel through your head freely. Often in the process of meditation we become obsessed with “clearing our head” which makes us more tense and that is not what you are looking for.

Travel through your thoughts, focus on each one of them and on your breathing intervals.

You will gradually feel at the height of your mindfulness, that is, exclusively focused and concentrated on that moment.

After three or four minutes, expand your attention to the rest of your living room or bedroom, depending on where you are practicing, and slowly begin to return to the real and conscious state of your surroundings.

Finally, a very important factor, do not practice your mindfulness in a place with too much information, try to choose a more sober and cleaner place.

Five minutes of this exercise can change your day and make it much more enjoyable, focused and productive.

As we said, there are a lot of ways to be mindful, try this one and see if it fits for you 🙂

Ready to train your mindfulness?

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