Self-promotion in the workplace is often underestimated as we are more likely to feel that hard work alone is the key to the top. Discover the value of this practice!


The truth is that, in most companies, doing a good job does not guarantee you the promotion you are looking for and to get promoted you need to know the importance of self-promotion in the workplace! It’s vital to be visible, talk about your achievements and build a support network within your company or organization to make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

The need for self-promotion is particularly true for women and minority groups who may normally be undervalued. In this sense, companies and organizations can and should encourage their employees to celebrate and express their achievements and help them to improve their motivation and self-confidence, boosting the benefits of diversity by making their voices heard.

At Teleperformance Portugal, we became allies of the #IAmRemarkable initiative in the context of the TP Women program, a Google initiative that empowers women and other under-represented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. This initiative is positive both for employees and for the company, as it strengthens the cohesion of teams, builds trust among its elements and improves the quality of communication.

This initiative consists of organizing 90-minute workshops with our employees and is based on changing the social perception around self-promotion in the workplace based on some premises:

self-promotion in the workplace

Self-promotion doesn’t have to be taboo!

Many of us have a hard time talking about our achievements.

Cultural and gender norms of modesty, as well as the imposter syndrome, can prevent anyone from recognizing their remarkable attributes and expressing their successes.

If you think you’re bragging or being arrogant, think of it this way: self-promotion isn’t really about you – it’s about the impact of your work. Do you really want to hide all the great work you are doing? We doubt it!

Communication is the key!

Effective self-promotion is based on employee motivation and communication skills. The company’s role is to equip the professional with the tools to develop these skills.

You need to know how to communicate positive feedback or a successful meeting with a client because if not, no one will know. Don’t expect your superior or manager to know about all your achievements, because he also has a lot to do and may not have 100% visibility of your work.


It can be extremely uncomfortable to share your achievements at work. However, you must have confidence in yourself, your skills and your work when sharing your successes. Promote your value and quantify your results.

Strengthens cross-functional relationships

When you’re around the right people, they’ll celebrate your achievements with you! Create contacts and surround yourself with people who help you to evolve and progress in your career, who share tools for your success and who introduce you to new ways of working.


Lastly, don’t forget to be proactive in spreading the good news through celebrations!

Taking pride in your professional achievements should be normal and highlighting your skills and success in the tasks you are effectively assigned is an advantage.

Due to the pandemic and work-at-home model that many of us have adopted, it has never been more important for you to master the art of self-promotion.


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