How to find your first job is the question many young people ask themselves when they finish their studies.

This is the time to face labour market’s competitive world, which creates a lot of doubts and uncertainties.  

Employers need to know why you may be a good fit for their company or organization. Your goal is to reassure them that you are the right person to take the position. 

Here are some suggestions that may help you when looking for your first job. 

How to find your first job: tips for success 

There is no success formula that works 100 percent. However, if you think carefully about your skills and qualities and prepare well, you can greatly increase your search success. 

Be precise in your job search  

We all know people who send dozens of applications and get no response. Consequently, this causes them anxiety and frustration. However, applications with greater accuracy have a higher chance of getting an interview. So, instead of thinking about sending in quantity, think about quality. When you apply, you must put in time and effort since it’s a lengthy process. Thereby, avoid sending job applications that don’t match the intended profile. Be discerning and invest your energy properly. 

Think about what makes you different 

In addition to your skills and knowledge, it is important for the employer to know what they can expect from your behaviour. Try to present in your cover letter life experiences that can be decisive in your personality definition. Did you practice any sport? Do you play any musical instruments? Have you done any voluntary activity? This type of information can be interesting since your professional experience is minimal. 

Use all the means at your disposal 

Keep an eye out for any job opportunities that may arise. Many universities have career centres that can help you with your search. Explore job websites or social networking sites such as LinkedIn and, of course, try to build your network contacts. Whether it’s at university, in a company or even at a dinner party, there may be contacts that can help you find your first job.  

Get ready for the interview  

If you have an interview, congratulations! The first rule is that you should never go to an interview blind. Try to understand what the employer is looking for and be clear on these three points:  

  • Have knowledge about the company when they ask you questions; 
  • Prepare your answers to the most predictable questions, like your background, goals and reasons for applying; 
  • Make sure you get your message across well and that you are the right person for the position. 

Despite these tips, there are others that you can find in reference pages on the internet. 

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