Metaverse jobs: what exactly will they look like?

Given the estimated growth of this new virtual reality, this question is becoming increasingly relevant. We still don’t know for sure how it will affect our daily lives, how we will interact with others, or what our consumer habits will look like. However, new job opportunities will certainly arise. Let’s get to know some of the professions that will shape the near future. 

10 metaverse new jobs 

  • Research Scientist: With the assistance of research scientists, companies will be able to control their performance evolution in metaverse. In effect, scientists can give precise information about how people interact with company’s website and products.
  • Ecosystem Developer: They control and determine what communities and platforms need to have a better performance. Also, the Ecosystem Developer wants to ensure that the metaverse customer can use their virtual items across different experiences. 
  • Hardware and Software Engineer: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality activities will need Hardware Engineers to build hardware like headphones, new cameras, or sensors adapted to this new reality. On the other hand, Software Engineers will create programs for a variety of metaverse platforms. 
  • Metaverse Storyteller: This metaverse job involves creating narratives for users’ experiences, especially for games. But also, for training scenarios, marketing opportunities for corporations, and many others.  
  • Metaverse Cyber-Security: With the metaverse evolution, it is more likely to occur hacker attacks. Consequently, cybersecurity experts will be crucial to ensure security procedures. 
  • Virtual Moderators: They will be responsible for ensuring that people follow the space rules, as well as creating a sense of community. 
  • Virtual Real Estate Agents: In the metaverse, there are already spaces for sale or rent. So, these agents will be responsible for property management, development, consulting, and marketing. 
  • Metaverse Marketing Specialist: This position will have the responsibility of not only developing advertising campaigns but also promoting projects or products in the metaverse. 
  • Metaverse-specialized Lawyers: Metaverse will bring legal challenges, such as copyright issues with digital art or how to buy, sell and manage new types of asset classes.
  • 3D Game Designers: One of the most obvious metaverse impact will be in gaming. Therefore, experts in 3D game development will be essential to create and deliver unique user experiences. 

Teleperformance and Metaverse  

At Teleperformance, we are already embracing the next stage of digital transformation. We are developing tools to effectively respond to the challenges our clients set for us.  

We have been investing in the metaverse, in different areas, such as: 
  • The construction of an e-sports arena  
  • Partnership with Benfica eSports  
  • The development of a virtual reality laboratory  
  • A focus on the metaverse virtual space 
  • The PXP convention 

Find out more about metaverse at Teleperformance and take a look at our career opportunities. 

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