I want to live in Portugal! Is this the only thing you can think about after your vacations in Portugal? You are not the only one!

“I want to live in Portugal” is, probably, the most popular thought among those who have the privilege to spend some days in this tiny, sunny and amazing European country. Why? There are so many reasons that it is difficult to sum them up but, on the top of the list are, without a doubt, the amazing weather, the rich culture, the delicious food and the unique hospitality.

If you also are in love with Portugal and want to live and work here, learn more about everything you need to succeed in your new life adventure!

How to find a job in Portugal

Ok, we got it, you cannot stop thinking – I want to live in Portugal. What should your next move be to turn this wishful thinking into reality? Find a job! Among the list of important things to take care when moving to a new country, this must be on the top of the list. Luckily, Portuguese employment is growing and now is the perfect time to start looking for your job opportunity. If you are back home, the only way you have is looking for a job online and, naturally, you start wondering if it is safe to do it and how you can you avoid job search scams. This is why we have prepared a full article about this topic- Looking for a job online: is it safe?

Now that you already know all of the red flags you should avoid when searching for a job online, the next step is to find the best sites to search for a job. We also can help with this. If you check Teleperformance Portugal’s website “Jobs”, you will see that this is a specialized in recruitment site, where you can find hundreds of job opportunities in several areas of expertise.

By this time, you just need to create a good resume structure, learn how to do it here, and turn your “I want to live in Portugal” wishful thinking into a real and awesome experience.

How to find a house in Portugal

Now that you found your perfect job opportunity, it is time for you to start thinking about where you want to live and how you will be able to find a house in Portugal. Fortunately, we can also help you deal with this topic that, nowadays, is a strong concern that unable people’s dreams of moving to Portugal. If you found your job opportunity and are joining Teleperformance Portugal’s team, you might not need to worry about finding a house.  The company has a relocation package prepared to help those who join the team! This relocation package includes, among several benefits, the possibility to live in a Teleperformance’s apartment.

I want to live in Portugal

As João Cardoso CEO of Teleperformance Portugal explained:

 “We facilitate everything for the relocation. In this respect, I think the company has been completely innovative. We have put together a model that does not exist at this level in Europe. We provide a complete relocation package, including accommodation and travel, and handle all the paperwork in Portugal. A person who wants to work in Portugal, even coming from the European Union, can face a lot of hurdles.”

We are sure that your “I want to live in Portugal” dream is now about to become real. Don’t waste any more time stuck in a job that you don’t like, in a country that you don’t feel like home. Portugal is waiting for you!

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