IT jobs Portugal – Finding them is becoming easier than ever.  We tell you why you should be part of Portugal’s booming tech ecosystem!

Portugal’s tech scene is blowing up and everyone is talking about it and Lisbon is the focal point of all attention. After all, Portugal has amazing food, friendly people and plenty of vitamin D thanks to the frequent sunny weather. From Algarve to Porto, new business and jobs are being created as we speak. From this tech scene, IT jobs Portugal seems to be a new path towards a bright future. But how did this happen?

Back to the past

This all started thanks to the start-up explosion. Some companies were making a big noise and attracting plenty of international attention due to their enormous success and investment from various known groups. What do these businesses have in common? IT necessities! Of course, the Web Summit played a major role. It’s relocation from Dublin to Lisbon in 2015 showed the world that Portugal was ready to become a tech hub and so it did. The country starts breathing the tech air, entrepreneurs inhaled this precious O2 and exhaled job opportunities.

IT jobs Portugal

The present and the future

With all of this going on, the past couple of years were known by the investment of big-name companies that decided to set up shop in Portugal. In turn, other companies found themselves unable to simple watch so the race was on. Now, we are witnessing a surge of tech opportunities from software developers to product managers and much more. The rush of talent is immense, so finding IT jobs Portugal is becoming much easier. As we said earlier, IT positions are needed and plenty of companies have their doors opened, and we at Teleperformance Portugal are no different. We understand that the future is constantly happening and it’s crucial to be two steps ahead so what we offer is a range of job opportunities.

IT jobs Portugal

More than ever, IT jobs Portugal are needed and specialists are on demand. Performing computer tasks, troubleshoot problems or being a system, network, or database administrator is more than just a job role, it is becoming an essential link in any organization. This is the time for tech and the doors are open to all!

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