Nordic community: Why not live in one of the best countries to live in Europe?

After these uncertain pandemic times, why not leave the nordic life and move to Portugal? Portugal is a destination that will delight you, and your work life will allow you to balance between your personal and professional affairs. Besides the fantastic weather, culture, and lifestyle, Portugal, it’s an excellent opportunity to take a chance and change your life.

Lisbon is one of the best cities to live in Europe; it’s the Portuguese capital and the city that the world has fallen in love with. With a population of approximately 500,000 inhabitants and almost three million people, Lisbon was considered the“Best Destination City,” and it’s one of the leading European tourist destinations. This vibrant city with all the characteristics of a European capital: modern residential and commercial infrastructures, countless alternatives for fun, cultural, and sporting events.

Portugal is an example

During the worldwide spread of Covid-19, Portugal was considered a great example of how to handle a pandemic: how to prevent it, contain it, and react upon it. A study from the Nova University of Lisbon indicates the reproduction of Covid-19 in Portugal was the lowest in Europe during the first 25 days of the epidemic. Due to more preparation time and people obeying confinement measures has helped Portugal manage its coronavirus outbreak, even more than the Nordic community.

Regarding our behavior towards the pandemic, Portugal has even considered in terms of action as being the new southern swedes, with a firm hand very similar to the Nordic people. We followed all the recommendations very strictly with such rationality, discipline, practicality that we were considered as an example in Europe. Our unity as a country has been reflected in all scenarios. Even on the street, there is no need for police forces to reinforce the security measures since we do it by ourselves.


Teleperformance Portugal is hiring

Having in mind the good example we set in Europe and how cautions we were on preventing and containing the virus, we are also very confident we can handle getting back to “normality” safely. That’s why Teleperformance Portugal is now hiring people that speak and write in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish.

At Teleperformance Portugal, you will find a uniquely multicultural environment, with more than 10.000 employees from 95 nationalities that speak 35 languages. All these people are connected and aiming to create incredible interactions with customers, representing some of the most significant and most respected international brands.

This diversity culture is in the company’s DNA and all the effort to balance a personal and professional life. In Portugal, and specifically at Teleperformance you will find what you need: experience and adventure, cultural diversity, professional and financial stability, opportunities for professional development and balance between personal life and the demands of a working career.

For more information on Teleperformance Portugal check our recognition about being the best company to work in Portugal.

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