What to do in Lisbon is a question that those who come to visit or live in the Portuguese capital have.

Due to the growth of international jobs and the great quality of life, the number of foreign people living in Lisbon is increasing. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a year, the city has plenty of things for you to do. 

Tips to explore Lisbon:

  • Bicycle tours 

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Lisbon – even despite its many up and down hills. The capital is already equipped with cycle paths that link the city from one end to the other. Try to start your cycling trip in Belém: visit the Jerónimos Monastery and have a traditional Pastel de Belém. After this, ride along the river until reaching the newest part of the city, Parque das Nações. 

What to do in Lisbon
  • Sailing on the river 

A good way to relax and enjoy a late afternoon in Lisbon is to do a sailing boat trip on the river. It is an excellent option to see the city from a new perspective and to sail on the wonderful Tagus River.  

  • Discover the best craft breweries 

Drinking beer is very popular among the Europeans and, in Lisbon, there are several craft breweries to discover. Dois Corvos, Musa, Oitava Colina, or Cerveteca are some of the options for breweries. You can taste IPA beers, lagers, and pale ale, among many others. 

  • Enjoy the city’s best parks 

To enjoy an outdoor day, the city offers several parks that are worth discovering. Jardim da Estrela, Torel viewpoint, Gulbenkian gardens, or Monsanto Forest Park are excellent options for lying down and reading a book, having a picnic, or meeting friends.  

What to do in Lisbon
  • Learn how to surf 

Another activity that you can’t miss is surfing. Lisbon is very close to many beaches that are great to have surf lessons. Whether in the Cascais area or in Costa da Caparica, there are several schools to learn how to ride a wave.  

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