Finding the perfect job for you can be an exhausting process.

From preparing a CV, looking for job opportunities and sending out applications, it’s almost a full-time mission. Finally, when you are called for an interview, you must grab the opportunity with both hands. But how do you impress the interviewers and win the job position? 

The interview: tips to grab the perfect job for you

The best way to control the natural nervousness of an interview is to invest in preparation. So, let’s discover some tips for your job interview. 

The interview starts even before you leave home 

Take time to get to know the company and the position you are applying for. Also, prepare your speech well according to the most common questions: 

  • Can you tell me about yourself? 
  • Why are you interested in this job and in this company? 
  • What are your main strengths and weaknesses? 
  • Why do you consider yourself the ideal candidate for this role?

Moreover, don’t leave the decision of what to wear to the interview until the last minute. Try to have a well-cared image and adequate to the context. 

Going to the interview 

It is important to start with punctuality. Try to arrive on time or even a little earlier so that you can settle in and feel calmer. Also, remember to enter the building and offices with a positive attitude – you never know if you are sharing the lift with your interviewer.  

At the interview

This is the time to put into practice everything you have prepared. But be careful, know how to listen and speak in the right time.  

Own Your Personal Story

A well-told story about your career path is an excellent start to grab the interviewers’ attention. Shortly, in 1-2 minutes, try to explain your evolution, challenges overcome, and what each experience has given you. 

Present a 90-day plan

 Whether for a team management or leadership position, it is important that you present a plan of what you would do in the company in the first 90 days. However, all positions can benefit from this preparedness step. Take some time and think about what could be good for the company, what points can be improved, and how you can contribute to this evolution. Write down on a page all these ideas for your reference and then put them into practice. 

The perfect job for you

Ask questions about the company and position

 Firstly, try to adopt a positive attitude that shows availability, interest and flexibility on your part. So, here are some suggestions of what you can ask:  

  • How would you describe the responsibilities of the position? 
  • What are they looking for in a candidate? 
  • What are the biggest challenges of this job?
  • How would you describe a typical day in this position? 
  • How many people work in this office/department? 
  • To whom will I have to report? 
  • What is the management style of the company? 
  • What are the prospects for progression and growth in the company? 

Prepare your closing argument

An interview is, in essence, like a trial. In the beginning, you present and defend your case (why you should be hired) to the jury (interviewers). In the end, it is your chance to make one last statement that will absolutely convince them to hire you. In order to finish an interview successfully, follow these steps: 

  • Ask if there are any questions left unanswered or uncleared 

It is important that everything is clear and answered between both parties. 

  • Reinforce that you want this job 

Take this opportunity to reaffirm that you want this job. It doesn’t have to sound desperate, just sincere. 

  • Summarize 

In sum, explain why your experience and knowledge make you the ideal candidate for the job.  

  • Say thank you 

Recognize the time and attention given by the interviewers during the selection process and say goodbye with sympathy words and thanks. 

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