Be safe while going to work – this is, probably, what you are thinking when leaving your home for another day at work. And you are not alone.

Be safe while going to work has become a priority!

Around the world, millions of people are facing the same threat as we are: the new Covid-19 virus, as also known as Corona virus. This virus is shaking up social and economic structures, in a way our generation has never seen before. Winning this war against it is now the priority of all societies and governments worldwide.  The health professional community was called to step up and be the first line of combat and is providing an exemplary response of effort and selflessness. At the same time, the scientific community is working to find solutions as quickly as possible.

While this is happening, it is up to each and every one of us to also be part of the team that is fighting this. How? Keeping ourselves safe and, at the same time, trying to avoid an even bigger collapse of the economy.

If you are part of the professional community that has not yet the possibility of working from home, and have to go to work daily, this article is for you. The most important message is to be safe while going to work and to achieve that, we must be compliant with all the safety measures that are given by the health authorities.

5 tips on how to be safe while going to work

You have certainly seen these tips, more than once now, in the media, in your office or on social media, but due to the importance of keeping you safe while going to work, we decide to remind them again, now through a video.

  • Keep the safety distance while going to work on public transportation

If you go to work by bus or train, know that Portuguese authorities have already limited the capacity of passengers. Moreover, in order to stay safe while going to work, try to adjust your work hours, if possible, to less busy times, and always keep the safety distance between the other passengers.

  • Wash and disinfect your hands frequently during the day

You should clean your hands as soon as possible after your trip. For example, at Teleperformance Portugal, you will find disinfectant in the entrance of each building, right next to the turnstiles. But remember, you should frequently wash your hands during the day.

  • Keep the safety distance during your meals!

We know you love your colleagues and sharing your meal with them is one of the best parts of your day. However, you should remember to leave at least one seat between them, in order to keep the safety distance.

  • Try to use the stairs!

We all know that taking the lift is easier and more comfortable than taking the stairs. But remember, if the lift is too full, just wait for another one or try the stairs! You will be protecting yourself while keeping in shape!

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

To help prevent infections, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Why? The infection often spreads when someone touches a contaminated object and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

Above all, be safe while going to work and be optimistic!

Rembember, together we are going to beat the virus and life will slowly become normal again. When this happens, Teleperformance will be here ready to welcome you its amazing multicultural team with amamzing job opportunities.

Until then, why dont you learn how to create a good resume structure ?

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