It’s time for you to take the next big step in your career. Are you ready for it?

Teleperformance understands the value our employees and their career as they are a fundamental part of delivering excellent customer experience; that’s why we consistently invest in career development. By feeling supported and valued, all of us can keep delivering excellent results and sometimes even exceed expectations.

Teleperformance recognizes its employees and supports their great work by providing the right process for their career progress, such as the Jump Program.

Develop your career with the Jump! Program

The Jump! program helps Teleperformance employees on their journey towards career fulfillment. Until now Jump is responsible for 80% of the company’s internal promotions. In other words, allowing our employees to have a clear chance to evolve their careers.

We have a significant adhesion and success rate on this program. Only last year, 136 people were selected and 70 were promoted.

One of many examples of the Jump! program success, it’s our employee Joana Dias. She joined Teleperformance as an agent. After a couple of months, she was flagged as a high potential agent and decided to try the Jump! program.

As a result, Joana is now a trainer, and she’s thrilled about this opportunity to grow her career. We got a chance to talk to her about Jump! during one of Teleperformance’s events.

Excellent work-life balance

With more than 10,000 employees, we make a great effort to promote career development for all of them. Besides that, we are also committed to making our community very safe, healthy, and fun. After all, we want our employees to feel that Teleperformance is their second home.

Besides improving careers, we also organize a series of activities and social events, such as sports, parties, soft trekking, workshops. Those events allow employees to strengthen friendships and the sense of belonging within the company.

In conclusion, these activities are a great opportunity to built a powerful team and career while having a lot of fun with all our family and friends.

Learn more about how to achieve a successful career at Teleperformance Portugal and how we do a work-life balance.

And also take a look at the job opportunities we have for you.

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