Cultural diversity in the workplace has become one of the main sources of growth and career development.

When a concept like cultural diversity is a priority in a company, it is known that it only can be based on a strategic policy of respect for different values, traditions or beliefs of the employees, established on race, age, ethnicity, religion, or gender. Therefore, the most likely to happen to any employee that works in this environment is, not only a personal enrichment from all of these diverse inputs, but also and mostly an unparalleled professional growth, with different stimulus, knowledge and backgrounds that complement each other and result in a daily interaction with the world, just right there in one place – your office.

On the other hand, employers have already realized that having a diverse workforce provides both material and intangible benefits and this is now a priority when recruiting new talented members to join the team. Why? Among an endless list of advantages, it avoids workplace issues, like awkwardness and hostility.

cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is also the main prerogative for all the departments within a multicultural organization. Take Teleperformance Portugal as an example. With a team made by more than 10.000 employees from 95 nationalities, the halls of Teleperformance Portugal’s 11 buildings breathe respect, learning and growth. This is the only way to make this special habitat work. A habitat that welcomes employees of all ages. The youngest member of the Teleperformance team is 18 years old and the oldest is 75! The impact of this healthy and respectful environment? The possibility of providing the best customer service to each customer, no matter their age, gender or nationality.

João Tavares, Teleperformance Portugal’s Chief of Human Resources Officer, sees the cultural diversity as the most powerful tool to anticipate the needs of the future clients, reproducing the world population and boos the quality of any business! Check this interview during a conference about “how to build a culture that promotes diversity!”

This is a feeling that is present in all Teleperformance departments, every day. The company not only promotes this cultural diversity but also celebrates it!

There are several events during the year, such as World Food Fest, a festival with food and culture from all over the world, which brings together samba workshops, Mexican embroidery and even Port wine tastings. Another kind of cultural diversity celebration is For Fun Festival, Teleperformance Portugal’s talent festival, in which the employees are encouraged to participate in the most varied categories, from dance, photography and art, so that everyone can share what they most enjoy doing.

And if you decide to visit one of Teleperformance Portugal’s buildings, you most likely will find the celebration – Nation’s day! It is the celebration of the national day of countries with the greatest expression in Teleperformance Portugal, by placing the country’s flag on the bulletin boards and offering typical gastronomy of that country in the cafeteria, among other activities. Last year Teleperformance Portugal held 12 celebrations: Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia and many others!

Cultural diversity
Cultural diversity

If you are not currently working in a culturally diverse place like Teleperformance Portugal, you are probably missing the opportunity of growing professionally in many ways! Why don’t you check these career possibilities and join a multicultural team?

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