Workplace wellbeing is essential, not only for any business to succeed, but also for all the employees, in order to optimize their productivity, joy in work and sense of achievement in their careers.

Moreover, workplace wellbeing brings teams together while decreasing work-related stress. How? Through the sense of camaraderie and engagement that is built during several initiatives promoted by the company, outside the work environment. This is a subject that lately has been in the spotlight. If it seems utopic for you, you should know that several companies have already started to invest in a Workplace wellbeing strategy in the long term, and the benefits are more than proved.

Teleperformance Portugal is one of these companies. With more than 10.000 employees from 95 nationalities, providing workplace wellbeing in this multicultural environment is one of the main goals for the daily life of this multinational. The challenge is to encourage the team to participate in the initiatives that will help them feel more productive, healthier and happier.  How do they do it? Teleperformance knows that a good workplace wellbeing strategy must take into consideration both mental and physical health, and how can both be interlinked. Therefore, the company provides several programs and initiatives that cover both scopes.

A productive environment

All the teams work and feel better in a space designed to promote creativity, with plenty of natural light and comfortable work and rest areas. Check how important the workspace is for your success!  This kind of workspace prevents fatigue as well as headaches, while stimulating brain function with inspiring décor and outside views.

Workplace wellbeing

Cycle to work

This is one of the best incentives that companies can give to their employees to get them moving – the possibility of cycling to work. How does Teleperformance do it? Among other things, providing the appropriate infrastructures to make sure that everyone has the possibility to safely park their bicycle at work. Why don’t you check Marta’s example and get inspired?

Promoting programs that create stability

Everyone has different demands outside of their work life. One of the most important aspects of creating workplace wellbeing is giving employees the possibility of creating stability in their personal life of all our employees. This why TP Weekend was created. Designed for those whose schedule is to work, in a rotative way, at weekends, it gives the possibility of choosing to work permanently at weekends and enjoying 2 consecutive breaks during the week. It also supports a healthy way of living, offering a range of activities to enjoy in the days off – Yoga, Sailing, DJ course, Gym, among others.

Promote social responsibility activities

Helping others is one of the best ways to promote workplace wellbeing. Why? Because it often helps decreasing your chance of depression and promotes a kind of team spirit that you won’t be able to find in any other activity! Teleperformance created two programs dedicated to Social Responsibility – Citizen of the Planet and Citizen of the World. Together, Teleperformance Portugal employees had already the opportunity to plant trees, to help at the Portuguese Food Bank against hunger, among several other activities!

Workplace wellbeing
Workplace wellbeing

Training and development courses

Providing training and development courses in several fields is one of the best things to promote workplace wellbeing. Teleperformance Portugal created a special Learning Hub in which all the employees have the opportunity to grow professionally without barriers and with all the tools needed.

Ready to start investing in your own workplace wellbeing strategy? Join Teleperformance Portugal and start living this healthy work life!

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