Teleperformance customer service is considered to be one of the best in the world. A career in customer service can be promising in a company that motivates their team to give their best.

The objective in this area is to guarantee customer satisfaction, respond to their requests quickly and efficiently and establish a relationship of trust between the company and its clients. Teleperformance is the international market leader in customer service, in order to guarantee the company’s continuous success, Teleperformance invests on training for its employees. There are several training programs for the team, but today we will talk about “Supervisor Foundations” program.

Teleperformance customer service aims to be the best in the world. The Supervisor Foundations is a training program contributes to that objective. It aims to provide to some of our professionals with management positions, the foundations they need to perform their work effectively and successfully.

2 Waves, 50 trainees and 328 hours of training after, we can say that the Supervisor Foundations is entering cruise control. The Supervisor Foundations will become the pillar to all Teleperformance customer service professionals, having been designed to give everybody the access to standards, tools and the soft skills necessary to the performance of their functions.

Every 8 weeks, we renew the cycle, implementing adjustments that would only be possible with the important feedback of everyone that has passed through us. We want to meet our team’s expectations! This is our mission: to share knowledge, to empower, to startle. To change views, improve best practices and what needs to be done better.

Teleperformance customer service

What our team thinks of the program:

“It was really good training, very different from other classic training”

“Really interesting, I feel more comfortable in my work after this training”

“After these weeks of training I feel more confident than half a year in the job”

“Unlocked our potential”

“It doesn´t matter how long you have been in the company, but how you want to be remembered. Do not assume anything, however much you think that you know. It is always good to see the other side of the moon and give yourself the chance to see it!”

“The lesson I’ve learned: If you want things to change, start with yourself”

“This training made me rethink about my way to lead and helped me to improve my leadership skills”

“Overall, the Supervisor Foundations is a great training program! It provides you a guideline through your everyday tasks. I have some new perceptions while being challenged to handle some daily tasks differently”

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