The impact of Customer Service in customer satisfaction is today, one of the most relevant things to the success of a business.

The impact

Nearly every day we see newly emerged companies (startups) raising and competing in all sectors, changing, every day, the customer’s behavior and, ultimately, the impact in their expectations.

These companies either appear from innovative ideas creating new needs or they come from actual customer needs that aren’t met with existing products/services on the market.

Having these new strong players highly supported in technology and lean structures, most of our partners are pushing to rethink their market position and the impact that their approach could have, in order to save their place in this challenging environment.

Considering this, the impact of the customer service has become a crucial differentiator and having a partner that can support them on this new road is decisive!

That’s where we can become real partners, joining then on this great journey and becoming the decisive piece of their business!

It sounds challenging and it will definitely be…We’ll find several bumps on this road and our partner will even demand and expect more from us.

They may revamp their tools to have a better picture of their consumers/customers habits/behaviors;

They may review their processes to make them more consumer/customer driven;

They may revamp the profile of the Customer Service Representatives in order to better service their consumer/customer needs;

This road might never end and along the way we may even fall some times, but we’ll definitely celebrate many more victories that will strengthen our partnership leading both parties into a new and better level.

Our partners’ SUCCESS will make us SUCCESSFUL so let’s join them on this newest challenge and be successful!

Rui Pinto, Operations Director

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