On the 17th of June, Lisbon streets were glittered with a Pride Parade. Thousands of people paraded in the 24th LGBTI Pride March, to the sound of command words such as “There is no cure because it is not a disease” or “Yes, yes, yes, that’s who we are”. TP Portugal joined this powerful Lisbon Pride Parade, standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. This pride walk symbolizes the freedom of expression and a celebration to be proudly you!

Firstly, over 60 people were at the pre-gathering event. There, TP gave over 50 T-shirts and branded lanyards (a pretty success!). For the numbers of participants at the Pride Parade, Teleperformance Portugal had 204 registrations on TP Club.  

The Pride Parade started around 5pm in Martim Moniz, and the pre-meeting point was a little further up the avenue, in Intendente, in front of the Infame hotel. The parade route was from Martin Moniz to Ribeira dos Naus.  

At the pride village, people were bare-chested or in rainbow-colored clothing, with leather coats or dresses with angel wings. Everyone was free to have fun, have drinks and express their emotions with speakers, drums, and banners, chatting and celebrating with each other. The intention was to celebrate diversity and the “right to love whoever you want”, as one of the many posters and flags that animated the parade.  

For TP, the Members of the ERGs TP Pride on Discord were a huge support during the entire Pride Parade organization and at the parade day. They helped us all the way, with ideas, like the music list, distributing goodies and water.  

Overall, the pride walk was very busy, with lots of people, glitter and fun!  

Beyond Labels – Be you at TP!

One of the principal standards that Teleperformance Portugal defends and stands for, is precisely equality and inclusion for all, promoting a welcoming environment without considering gender identity or sexual orientation. We have the purpose to continue embracing and celebrating love and diversity. You have the freedom to be yourself at TP!  

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