Teleperformance Portugal is a company that stands for employees’ values, needs, concerns, career progression and most importantly their physical and mental healthcare and wellbeing.

For this reason and since we celebrated Stress Awareness month in April, we opened our first Wellness Space Room that is now available to all our employees!  

Our wellness room promotes a holistic approach to well-being, supporting mental, emotional, and physical health to foster a positive and caring work environment and centered on stress reduction, mental health support, physical rejuvenation and increased creativity as well as energy recharge.  

The room was designed to provide a calm and comfortable space that anyone can use on break from work, or before and after work. 

There, anyone can do individual or group activities, using equipment available, such as yoga mats, weights, Pilates balls and a massage chair.  

If you are interested in knowing more about Mindfulness and how to relieve stress from your daily lives, check out our articles for some tips.  

At TP we promote a work/life balance for our employees. Want to take a look at our job offers? Click here! 

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