Work from wherever you want and have your dream life! Read this article and know how you can work from wherever you want without compromising your career.

Working from wherever you want will allow you to have an entirely new level of freedom. In fact, you just need to have a laptop and internet access for you to work from wherever you want. You can even take care of your job while traveling, meeting new cultures, or even while enjoying the great outdoors. You can profoundly transform your life to suit your dreams with a remote job. And since you work from wherever you want, you will also have other advantages, like a flexible schedule where you can do your job whenever it suits you, as long as you meet your deadlines.

If you speak German, Dutch, Danish, or Swedish and are looking for a life-changing opportunity, this is it! Teleperformance Portugal gives the incredible opportunity to work remotely, from wherever you want, and still build an international career. How? By working with the Cloud Campus!

Teleperformance Cloud Campus remotely work model

With Teleperformance Cloud Campus you can turn into reality working from wherever you want!

Teleperformance Portugal implemented TP Cloud Campus, last year as a new business model that gives team members the possibility to be in permanent contact, in a virtual work environment, from any geography of the world. This new business model allows for the hiring, training and management of customer experience teams, back-office services and Knowledge services remotely. This way, Teleperformance Portugal presents to its clients and employees an operational model that goes beyond the existing traditional models and that maintains the same standards of security, performance and operational control.

This new bet of the company is based on the concept of teamwork in the cloud,  giving  the team members the possibility to work together in a virtual environment from anywhere in the world. You can work from wherever you live and move to wherever you love. And still, belong to an amazing multicultural team within just a few days!

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