For a dream team, a dream leader is needed, but it is not always easy to establish that positive relationship.

In this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how to give your team the best feedback at work!


As you know, being a leader involves being critical and creative, and sometimes the line between positive and negative feedback is fine. But there are several tips that can help make feedback at work being constructive and non-corrosive, thus establishing a healthy relationship between managers and subordinates and even between the entire team.


Separating emotions from reactions

Sometimes, when an employee makes a mistake, especially if it compromises the work of the whole team, it is common to have an impulse to react in an upset way, but it is important that you, as a good leader, manage to separate the waters.

Look for to calm the emotions and then give feedback at work thoughtfully and positively, showing how to do it well and motivating, so that next time there is no mistakes.

It is also important that you do this in private, once a “public” criticism can cause a feeling of humiliation and lead to a negative position by the employee.

The more understanding a leader is, the better the team will function, as there will be openness to improvement.


Be assertive but understanding

It is common for a work team to have projects that depend on several people or different areas and the delay of one may compromise the work of all. When an employee is late in meeting the deadline, the best is to talk to them. You must reinforce the need to meet the deadline so that the whole team can perform well, but say it clearly and comprehensively. It’s also important to understand what’s slowing down their work and even help them with the execution if necessary.


Pay attention to words

When giving feedback at work, it is necessary to pay attention to the way we say things. Whether in criticizing an error or in a more global opinion: it is important to choose the words very well.

A statement with a negative tone can influence the employee’s work for the worse. Choose uplifting and motivating words when giving feedback on someone’s work.

And remember to praise when the job is done well! It is important for a leader not to focus only on mistakes but to strike a balance between criticism and praise.

Praising someone’s work will help them feel confident to continue!

Give constant feedback

Try to constantly give feedback at work for your team!

Set a period – for example, 3 months – and make a meeting with each of your employees to give them your vision of what their work has been in that period. This is the moment to indicate clearly, honestly but kindly what can be improved, but also to highlight the good. A worker who is aware of his mistakes and achievements will be more willing to continue and improve himself!


Team meetings

Team meetings do not serve solely and exclusively to talk about deadlines and tasks to be performed. It is equally important that there are moments of conversation between the entire team so that problems that may exist and need to be resolved are identified, in order to improve everyone’s performance.

As a leader, it is important that you allow your subordinates to have this moment of reflection together. In addition to being a dynamic approach, it will enhance your critical and constructive thinking skills. Listen to them, motivate them and help them to solve the identified problems.



Giving feedback at work can easily be misinterpreted if we don’t do it with the necessary care and understanding. With these tips, you will be able to improve your management and orientation skills and evolve as a leader!



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