Foreigners in Portugal are always welcome. The country stands out for its friendly people, good levels of spoken English, affordable living and employment opportunities for natives of many international languages.

The number of foreigners in Portugal has been rising considerably in recent years. The latest statistical indications point to a total of 580,000 people living in the country who come from other geographies. In other words, more than 5% of the current Portuguese population is coming from abroad.

One of the main reasons for this significant growth in the number of foreigners in Portugal is the availability shown by the official authorities themselves, whose policy tens to facilitate and simplify the process. From this point of view, political will is naturally a context that unblocks barriers and promotes these migratory movements.

Foreigners in Portugal

Why Portugal?

But why is the country so attractive to people from outside? There are several factors that contribute to this trend of growing demand for Portugal. The official willingness to receive foreigners has already been mentioned, but we must also count on the perspective of those who arrive. In other words, what positive points do they find in Portugal?

The kindness of the Portuguese people is internationally recognized. A safe, beautiful country with a friendly and willing to help population. And although education levels are still slightly below the European average, the Portuguese have a very reasonable level of spoken English, which naturally facilitates communication and integration.

The cost of living is also very attractive to foreigners in Portugal, particularly when compared to other European countries. It is true that the real estate area has suffered a significant appreciation near urban centres, but Portugal keeps an affordable cost of living, not least because the trend in salaries has also been of clear appreciation, driven by the increases in the minimum wage imposed by the Government in the last legislature.

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Open mindset

Portugal is the westernmost nation and the country with the oldest borders on the European continent. It stands out for the cultural wealth it has accumulated since Celtic times and Romans, passing through the phase of Moorish occupation and respective reconquest of the territory.

The peak of the Lusitanian people is identified with the discoveries era, when portuguese navigators explored the world and opened the horizons of globalization. Portugal was, at the time, the great economic, political and military power of the globe.

Culturally, the country received extremely diverse influences that are still reflected today in a population opened to others and accustomed to diversity.

Climate and gastronomy

The mild Mediterranean climate is one of the greatest highlights. The sun shines most of the year, but temperatures rarely exceed pleasant values. Add to this a very diverse geography. Portugal has countryside, plains, mountains and, of course, a fantastic coast to explore, adorned with impressive cliffs and spiced with some of Europe’s best beaches.

The gastronomy is another of the country’s main attractions. The creativity of the Portuguese “chefs” is based on a historical legacy and ancestral traditions, resulting in extremely elaborate and diversified gastronomic compositions. Portugal is a small country. But at the gastronomic level it is surely one of the richest in the world.

The excellency of wine production is also worth mentioning, with exclusive grape varieties that give rise to specially personalized and differentiated wines nectars. The world appreciated Port Wine is the best example, but the country presents an incredible portfolio, both in liqueurs and table wines.

Job opportunities for foreigners

But when we talk about living in Portugal, there’s a main question: what about work? Well, the vast majority of foreigners do not speak the Portuguese language, which is why it makes sense to look for a job in their native language. And there are indeed many opportunities.

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