The time to start a new professional challenge has arrived and you’re interested in working abroad. Portugal and Spain are two great options. Should you Work in Portugal or work in Spain?

Work in Portugal

Portugal was considered by HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, the 16th best destination worldwide for expats. The great weather, amazing food, and good job opportunities are some of the factors that make this country a top choice for professionals all over the world.

The quality of life in Portugal is one of the reasons people choose the country as their new home. Besides being a country where you can have a relaxed lifestyle, Portugal is one of the safest countries to live, alongside with high ranks of personal happiness, tolerance and efficient transportation network. The survey mentioned above indicates that more than 90% of expats living in Portugal are happy with their life, including work-life balance. There are a lot of free time activities to choose from, including the access to nature Portugal has to offer, which increases the levels of wellbeing.

Work in Spain or Portugal?

Portuguese people are incredibly welcoming! The social life in Portugal is definitely a plus since you have a lot of famous bars, great restaurants, museums and historical landmarks to visit. Get to know what to visit in the cities of Lisbon and Porto.

To have a successful professional life in Portugal, if you learn how to speak Portuguese is definitely positive, however, in Portugal most of the people know how to speak English. There are a lot of jobs that require the English language and other languages like German, Dutch, French, among others. Teleperformance Portugal has hundreds of job opportunities that require these languages, you can check them here.

The cost of living is low compared to other countries in Europe. That includes food, accommodation, transportation and even leisure activities. If you want to know more about living in Portugal, check the article Portugal: One of the best places to live!

Work in Spain

Spain ranks 17th worldwide as the best destination for expats, according to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. This country attracts international professionals from all over the world for many reasons!

Besides the many business opportunities that the Spanish market offers, Spain distinguish itself for the quality of life. As a worker in Spain, you can enjoy good weather and because of the work-life balance that the country provides, you can enjoy your free time with hundreds of leisure activities.

Want to work in Spain?

Generally, Spaniards are extroverted, pleasant, enjoy having a busy social life and that reflects in their culture. The first step to have a rich social life is to learn Spanish, besides that learning the language will give you a competitive advantage on the international market.

After that you can enjoy great restaurants, popular and delicious food like “tapas”, bars, visit landmarks like the famous La Sagrada Familia and chat with your colleagues.

The cost of living in Spain is pretty reasonable and lower compared with many other European countries. All the basics have an accessible price, including the food, utilities, transport and accommodation.

Have you decided if you are going to work in Spain or work in Portugal? We hope that this article helps you! Meanwhile, get to know Teleperformance Portugal:

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