Portugal has been successfully implementing safety measures against the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and is on the list of safe countries to travel for.

This means that, for example, Portugal is in the list of countries with “travel corridors” for England. In practical terms, if you are traveling to Portugal from the United Kingdom, you are exempt from fulfilling a two-week quarantine imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is great news for Portugal and validation that all the preventive measures are producing positive results. Moreover, this also means that more and more people are back flying to Portugal, for an amazing vacation period but also to enroll in new job opportunities.

The truth is that Portugal has become one of the most attractive countries to build an international career, for several reasons! It is inevitable to mention the great weather and amazing quality of life, as well as an affordable cost of living when compared to the main European metropolises. Many international companies and technological start-ups saw in the country an amazing growth opportunity and moved in several years ago. Once installed in Portugal, they started recruiting the most talented individuals, around the world, to join the team.


Teleperformance Portugal’s example

Take Telepeformance Portugal as an example. The multinational company is well established in Portugal, with a multicultural team of more than 10.500 people from 95 nationalities. It has already been able to achieve 10 Great Place to Work awards as well as the title of the fastest-growing company in Portugal.

Hundreds of talented people have been traveling from all over the world to join the company, which has 12 state of the art buildings spread in 4 amazing Portuguese cities. Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the company took several drastic measures to protect the health and safety of each employee, and still maintain the company a viable business, ensuring thousands of jobs. The result was a complete change of scenario, transferring the all company, more than 10.500 employees, from the offices to work at the safety of their home.


TP Cloud Campus

But this amazing company’s transformation started way before the pandemic outbreak. Teleperformance Portugal launched, in 2019, a completely innovative business model called Cloud Campus, based in teamwork but…connected in the cloud! This model allows each employee to be located wherever he wants in the world, but still, work closely with his teammates and ensure career progression. During the most recent global crises, this model proved to be not the future, but already the present. However, there are still, among us, those who prefer an amazing work and life experience in Portugal. And, if you are one of them, this is great news for you!

Portugal is on the list of the safest countries to travel to and is waiting for you with arms wide open! If you were expecting an opportunity to change your life and career, this is it! Check all the available vacancies on the TP’s website and apply today. Believe us, you will not regret it!

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