The word mindfulness has solidified its position in the lexicon of people and organizations. But what does it mean and what advantages does it bring, particularly for a company like Teleperformance, known by its multiculturalism?

Mindfulness is actually a thousand-year-old technique, identified with Buddhism, which represents the quest for full attention. In other words, high levels of concentration and ability to live life in the present.

Studies conducted by Harvard University pointed out that, on average, people spend 47% of their time distracted by thoughts of the past, projections of the future or fantasies of the present. Mindfulness is, in essence, a mental training that will help improve concentration.

Specifically, it helps to distinguish useful from useless thoughts and to create a space between emotion and reaction, promoting calmness and, as such, more efficient responses. From this point of view, both for individuals and for companies themselves, it is a stress reduction tool.

Mindfulness does not solve the world’s problems, but it can help on many levels. For a company like Teleperformance, where 95 different nationalities live together, it brings great advantages in terms of mutual understanding and greater clarity to face challenges, promoting cultural openness, creativity and innovation.

By being “more present” people deal better with life, with themselves and with others. Communication is more effective and so is the emotional response. The outputs are more conscious and the emotions transmitted with more empathy.

The benefits of Mindfulness have been increasingly recognized in the corporate world. Proof of this is the Search Inside Yourself program, launched by Google. It aims to implement training plans to increase well-being, leadership, resilience and collaboration within organizations. Ultimately, it results in productivity improvements, balance and organization.

Teleperformance, as a reference company in terms of employability and sustained growth, considers that the dissemination of these practices brings a significant contribution both for employees and for the organization itself, since one of the premises it considers essential is precisely the balance between personal and professional life.

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