With over 40 years of experience connecting brands to their customers, Teleperformance is recognized as a main player in digitally integrated business services, leveraging its customer’s business through the combination of technology and humanity.

Digitally Integrated Business Services in a simple, fast and secure way. This is Teleperformance’s promise. The global leader in digital transformation and omnichannel interaction solutions draws on 40 years of experience and makes use of its planetary scale to position itself as an expert in driving business. To achieve this, it introduces technology but does not hand out the human side. A high-tech high-touch approach that differentiates Teleperformance from the competition.

Excellence in business services through interaction

Teleperformance’s mission is to provide customer experience excellency at each interaction opportunity, developing business from a perspective of process excellence and digital transformation. To do so, it uses the latest technology, namely artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, supported by a unique analytical capacity.

The company has three well-defined focuses: customer, innovation and efficiency. And applies this modus operandi in the different services it provides, assuming the responsibility of always being one step ahead. The company has evolved dramatically in recent years, following the digital evolution to position itself as a global leader in digital integration services.

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This cutting-edge positioning has allowed Teleperformance to evolve exponentially in all parameters: more than 300,000 employees worldwide, facilities in 80 countries with more than 400 buildings, serves 170 markets and provides services in 265 languages and dialects to 850 customers. It is clearly the largest geographical footprint in this industry, which resulted in an overall turnover of over 4.4 billion euros in 2018.

What is digital integration?

Digital integration is a term that arises in this new era and, for organizations, means the articulation of a broad spectrum of capabilities and efficiencies in the Digital Economy, aiming to generate value for business.

It encompasses a wide range of processes that incorporate different services and technologies in operational and information architectures appropriate to the needs of the client. They are omnichannel strategies that seek business growth and scalability, aligned with cost and resource optimization.

Digital integration provides process automation, artificial intelligence and strong analytics support, based on predictive analysis. The idea is to create flexible systems that adapt quickly and improve the consumer’s journey, both in front-office and back-office. It also seeks to capitalize on the value chain and bring to organizations the agility to face the digital world.

These digital services also have the mission of managing the relationship with the consumer beyond the interaction channels, gaining their trust and converting them into brand advocates.

High-tech high-touch

Teleperformance is divided into three main areas: Customer Experience, Back-Office and Knowledge. Each one of them includes specialized services, which take a high-tech high-touch approach:

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So, what does high-tech high-touch mean? From a conceptual point of view, this is an approach that embodies Teleperformance DNA and the value proposition it presents to its partners.

High-tech can be summarized in the following points:

  • Reliable and redundant IT architecture.
  • Integrated omnichannel solutions.
  • Artificial intelligence and analytics.
  • Intelligent Automation.

The expression high-touch means:

  • Building the best teams by hiring the right people: digital recruitment processes, psychographic assessments, predictive recruitment models.
  • Developing talent through training at all hierarchical levels.
  • Management with purpose.
  • Diversity and multicultural environment with understanding of local realities.

Valuing the human side

At Teleperformance, the human touch remains our focus. We understand that new digital environments require new ways of preserving our humanness, which is key to differentiate products and services in an increasingly high-tech world. And that’s why human touch enabled by high technology is our focus.

While technology creates new, agile ways of working, our interaction experts remain committed to creating unique connections. This commitment involves empathy, adaptive communication skills, and, more importantly, a passion for making it happen, thereby boosting efficiency, inspiring loyalty, and increasing value and revenue for brands.

In this video, you can better understand what technology and the high-tech high-touch approach means in Teleperformance:

Intelligent Automation

Teleperformance’s response to these disruptive times is to embrace the T.A.P. philosophy. (Technology, Analytics, Process Excellence), developing proprietary platforms that accelerate the digital transformation of its partners through process automation and customer experience optimization.

In technological terms, this involves methodologies such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) or DRA (Robotic Desktop Automation), chatbots integration or gamification.

In the Analytics field, the company involves consumer sentiment analysis, recommendation engines, dynamic dashboards and reports, as well as trend identification and predictive models.

Finally, regarding process excellence, it is important to highlight the mapping of the consumer journey, Six Sigma and Design Thinking methodologies, in a continuous improvement  logic.

Teleperformance leverages innovation trough robotics, AI, machine learning and speech analytics processes, delivering customized business intelligence, desktop automation and mobility solutions.

All this is supported by a strong research capacity. The Teleperformance CX Lab is a state-of-the-art structure entirely dedicated to researching global trends and identifying opportunities to improve customer experience strategies.

Cybersecurity in business services

One of the key points on Teleperformance’s value proposition is security. The implemented processes aim to protect the entire business ecosystem, which includes customers, consumers and employees.

We monitor risks and threats continuously, in accordance with international data security and privacy regulations. We comply with GDPR standards and have several certifications attesting to the quality and security of our services, including PCI compliance for electronic payments and ISO 27001 guarantee.

The TP approach involves extensive training programs in cybersecurity for all employees and ensuring process security through external audits and white hacking programs.

We promote a culture of cybersecurity within the company and apply state-of-the-art technology to ensure it. At the same time, we apply Six Sigma methodologies in order to optimize processes.

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