If you work in the customer care area, you know the importance of understanding the customer and their needs well.

After all, he needs you, you can be the “unlocker” of the solution to his problem and the best help he can have at that moment.

Customer care is one of the most essential tools for the smooth running and success of a business, whatever it may be. If the client feels supported or knows that in case of doubt or need he has a team that supports him, there is a greater trust and solid relationship between the company / business and the client.

Customers follow a purchase path and a product search process.

As a rule, a customer is not just looking for a product, he also wants to know information about it, he is looking for experience.

Whoever speaks, sells and supports the product must be highly informed and aligned with the values ​​of the company that manages and produces the product.

Customer service is all the support that the product offers its customer, in the moment before, during and after purchase.

When working in the customer service area, you know that your role is essential for the business of the product you represent to run smoothly, to have quality, to be friendly and to create added value for the company and your work as a whole.

At Teleperformance we bet on the talent of our employees, we are leaders in the customer experience sector and for us, it is essential that employees feel the importance of offering a good experience and service to our customers.

There are some key criteria that can help you define excellent customer service and good results for the company, in this article we will talk about 5 key points:

1.Introduce yourself, communicate and demonstrate your availability

In the first contact you have with the customer, it is important that he knows who is on the other side trying to solve his need.

In the same way that the client presents himself, you must present yourself in a friendly and polite manner, despite being a single person, during the call you represent your service and the team, collectively.

Ask  the customer about his motivation for contact so that he feels he is in the right place.

2.Understand your client’s need and the reason for seeking support

Understanding the customer’s need is the basis for starting the conversation between you and the customer.

The buying process of a customer goes far beyond viewing a product or service and simply buying it and when you use support, it is not always to resolve something related to what you have acquired, you may not even be in that phase of the process and just want to find out more information about the service to gather all the motivations to finalize your purchase decision.

That said, it is essential that you know the product or service you represent very well and that all your answers and clarifications convey security, confidence and conviction.

3.Motivate and exceed yourself in customer service

We all needed to use customer care for some reason, with a product or service we had in hand.

We have had excellent experiences, other times less positive experiences.

When customer care service is not positive and we feel that the agent on the other side is not motivated to help, we create a chain reaction when it comes to feedback on the product, service and company that represents it.

The same happens with positive service, when we feel that the agent is motivated to solve our questions and dedicated, the image of the company/service is immediately benefited, hence the importance of acting collectively as a service representative, as we mentioned above.

4.Be a problem solver until the end

Sometimes the customer service process can be a real challenge.

Customers can get in touch with very simple questions, just to clarify a question, other times to solve problems or more complex issues that require more questions, data request or even escalate to other customer service teams.

However, the main and fundamental contact of the client is you, it is with you that he is creating a relationship at that moment and you, must be a “problem solver” until the end.

There are some essential steps to follow in order to fulfill your objective with a “problem solver”: firstly, you must identify the need as we have already mentioned, secondly, identify the origin of that need, that is, what created that need, present solutions and to understand which of the solutions pleases the client and finally to substantiate and materialize the chosen solution.

Make sure that the customer has the issue resolved and that he has no further questions.

5.Demonstrate that your relationship with the customer is continuous

At that time, the customer’s need was met and all of his questions were resolved, but it will be essential that he knows that he can count on you and your team in the future, for future questions that may arise.

In customer care service, the process has a beginning, a means and a continuity.

Regardless of whether the client knows that you will not always be their contact manager, he sees you collectively, as the customer support representative of that service, so it is essential that you reinforce that in case of need in the future, you will always be available for help you with any questions.

Good customer service creates excellent short, medium and long-term effects, can impact business growth, sales and benefit the image of the service/company as a whole!

Of all the points we mentioned, did you feel that you were already doing them? Great! You are on the right path and you certainly represent the best service for which you perform your duties.

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