Doing interviews at home may seem challenging, but the truth is that we have a range of tips and advantages to introduce you that will make this challenge successful!

Nowadays, you are at home with some limitations, the word “confinement” has become part of our routine vocabulary, but job opportunities do not stop and you cannot miss them, in this article we will give you some tips on how to prepare to do interviews at home with all conditions, ready?

Do your homework, investigate

Before any of the points presented below, we consider it essential that you study in depth the essential focus of the company you applied for.

Seek to know more about the core business, its values, mission and company culture.

This way you will feel more prepared for any “surprise” question that may arise to test your knowledge and interest about the company.

You can always read information and make a kind of “FAQS” list, even if the questions are not closed, you will have a good cane to support your answers.

If you feel that you have difficulty in absorbing all the information, create a map of keywords that will help you to guide your thoughts and remember everything you read and retained.

This exercise is very useful so that on the day, you will flow in the interview and will not have those extra nerves because you feel you are not well informed. Attention, it is normal and legitimate not to know everything in great detail, but at least the bases will know.

Organize the location and environment

It is essential to take into account the environment around you, look for a clean place, without major visual distractions, so that at the time of the interview the focus is on you and the interviewer.

Look for a tidy and noise-free space, as you are not in a physical interview in the company offices you applied for, it is essential to transmit a calm, clean and organized environment. The space where you will conduct your interviews at home must contain good natural light or the support of artificial light that is soft and does not create discomfort or distraction in your performance.

There are several studies that prove that working or exercising a task that requires more pressure in an organized place, you will have better results and you will also be more relaxed.

If you live with more people, alert your companions that you will have to conduct interviews at home, so that they respect your time and place at those times, without unnecessary interruptions.

Ensures all technical conditions, clothing and punctuality

We all have internet at home and it usually works correctly, but there are areas in the house where the signal may be weaker. To conduct your interviews at home, make sure you are in a place where connectivity is good and that your connections work 100%.

You can always perform tests with friends or family on the most used platforms (Teams, Zoom, Skype). Another important aspect is the clothes you choose to carry out the interviews, despite being at home, present yourself as if you were in the office, always with professionalism and framed with the company’s DNA.

One of the most relevant and common aspects in all companies is the punctuality of the employee, organize your time so that 30 minutes before the interview is ready.

You can take those 30 minutes to relax a little, listen to a song you like, take a final look at your notes and prepare your environment 100%.

Practice, but not too much

It is essential to practice the most important points of your interview, but not too much, and why? After all, if you were selected for your interview, it is because your experience and skills stood out, but also you as a person. Try to absorb the most relevant information, but keep in mind that you will not debit all the information in the interview. An interview flows by itself and is not mechanical.

They are capable of raising questions also in terms of personal development and closed and overly constructed answers may not play in your favor, so in the end the most important thing is to be you with your best professional qualities.

For example, if you are applying for a highly digital position, try to highlight your digital skills, your problem-solver side and your good motivations for getting that job opportunity.

We hope these tips are useful and help you with the interview process at home!

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